Loki: Michael Waldron Talks Loki/Sylvie Bond, Animal Variants & Finale

Things are coming to a head with Disney+ and Marvel Studios' Loki where the title character (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) inch closer to the truth behind the Time Variance Authority. Head writer Michael Waldron spoke with Entertainment Weekly on the latest developments in the penultimate episode "Journey Into Mystery". There are obviously major spoiler warnings leading into the finale.

Loki: Michael Waldron Talks Loki/Sylvie Bond, Animal Variants & Finale

The episode put Loki and Sophie against Alioth, an ominous smoke creature patrolling the Void. With their combined efforts, they both managed to enchant it thanks to the time bought from an older variant (Richard E. Grant) who conjured a city-wide illusion as a distraction. Sadly, it presumably consumed him in the process. The first item Waldron discussed were past acts from Hiddleston's Loki that audiences never saw and the animal variants with Frog Thor and Alligator Loki. "There was a version alongside the D.B. Cooper sequence of kind of Loki's Greatest Hits," he said. "There was another greatest hit of the time that Thor was turned into a frog and that's in this case left to the imagination. But yeah, we did almost get there in there. But I am glad that we see that Frog Thor."

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Waldon opened up on creating Easter Eggs that would make sense within the context of the episode. "It's kind of a combination of all of those," he said. "I would probably give more credit to Kate [Herron], the director, and to the production team and VFX, and all those guys. There were a few I wrote in there. I think that I was probably more focused on, 'Alright, how the hell do we make Alioth make sense?' [Laughs] But yeah, it was kind of a team effort getting that stuff in there. Like the "Thanos-copter," that was the production team. They did an amazing job really making the episode a treat for fans in that way."

The writer broke down the logistics of Sylvie's plan. "There's a lot of different versions of, how do you communicate with this thing and is there actually a dialogue? I think at one point Alioth was running his mouth to the guys and there was a frank exchange of ideas back and forth. But that was just a constant whittling down [to], what is the simplest version of this? And that was working with Kate, Eric, and the whole team of just like, how do we just hit on what's the most visually and emotionally impactful for this climactic sequence? There was always going to be a joining of hands at some point there, but what became a really cool idea was joining hands to actually pull it off."

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For more on the Alligator Loki cake, the inspiration behind Alioth, Loki and Sylvie's relationship, and how the TVA differs from other organizations in the MCU, you can go to EW. The finale of Loki streams on July 14 on Disney+

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