Morbid: A True Crime Podcast – 5 Topics That Will Keep You Listening

The hosts of Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, Alaina Urquhart and Ashleigh "Ash" Kelley have been going strong for over 200 episodes of scary stories and intriguing investigation of true crime cases. The unique perspectives of both hosts combined with their humble and respectful approach to victim-advocacy are what makes each episode of the podcast so interesting to listen to. The extensive research done by both Alaina and Ash on different episodes continues to make even the most talked-about cases something to think about again from a different lens.

Morbid: A True Crime Podcast That Have Kept Us Listening
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Like any show or other type of podcast, there are certain episodes that make an impact with a fan and often come as a recommendation for any new audience member. Below are five specific episodes for either repeat listening or a fantastic starting suggestion for any new fans.

Episode 3, The Dyatlov Pass IncidentNot only is this case bonkers insane, from the fear surrounding the deaths of the hikers to the unexplainable injuries, but this case also continues to be a mystery today even with new theories. The girls do a great job in discussing the case as you would with close friends while also doing the work at getting the details in there.

Episode 36, Tyler HadleyMaybe unknowingly partying with your friend after they've committed horrendous acts of violence isn't the look to go for. This case is not only strange but also a deep look at how far a lie can go on.

Episodes 58 & 60, Kurt Cobain Parts 1 & 2: I would have liked to think I knew a lot surrounding the death of beloved Nirvana lead, Kurt Cobain, but oh was I wrong. Ash and Alaina take a deeper look not only at the details of his activity before and after being found, but they also go through the theories found circulating as well.

Episode 77, Diane DownsThis mom proves to be hiding a lot behind her story of a carjacking gone wrong and the Morbid host, Alaina, tells us and Ash all the despicable details that'll leave anyone shocked to learn.

Episodes 122, 123, 125, & 126, The West Memphis Three: A hard case to discuss, not only because of the parts of injustice for the wrongfully accused, this four-part series does it justice. Revealing the satanic panic attitudes present in society combined with small-town style justice can be daunting but the Morbid hosts dealt with it like investigative pros.

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