"My Hero Academia" Review: Our Heroes "Let It Flow" at School Festival

This new vibe of offering viewers more intimate, behind-the-scenes moments appears here to stay – at least for the time being – on My Hero Academia and I am definitely good with that. This episode was well-structured on a number of fronts and brought tears to my eyes for many reasons. From beginning to end we follow the School Festival that students at U.A. prepared so much for and it was worth it. This slice-of-life feel was so reminiscent of anime I grew up with that I could not contain myself– I was and probably still am on full fan mode.

my hero academia

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This episode starts exactly where it left off– Gentle Criminal, La Brava, and Deku are found by Hound Dog and Ectoplasm. This progress quickly and they get Deku back to U.A. right in time for the show.

Class 1-A really gave it their all and their opening show was amazing! I did not think we were going to see it, to be honest. However, seeing Eri enjoy and finally smile, had me tearing just like Mirio and Deku. I swear, their investment in seeing this little girl get better and smile has been everything. It has made me smile and cry because it shows that they really are heroes– it is not about the fights, but about helping people heal from the inside and in ways that matter.

my hero academia

Also, I really enjoyed the play Class 1-B put in– I really wish we could have seen all of "Romeo, Juliet, and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Return of the King". I was a big fan of what I saw. It got me laughing like an idiot.

This episode of My Hero Academia was some seriously much-needed fun. I loved seeing snippets of the School Festival and even more so seeing Deku and Mirio be the cutest dad figures to Eri. Watching them get teary-eyed at Eri's enjoyment and smiles got me teary-eyed all the way through. And of course, being the hero that he is, Deku kept his promise and gets a candy apple for Eri. Though we find out he made it himself and that it was the real reason why he went out to the market that morning before meeting Gentle.


This did not have to be an action-packed episode for it to become a favorite episode of My Hero Academia. It served Principal Nezu's wish of having the students have fun despite all that is going on in the world. Also, it truly showed the results of being a hero. My favorite: Class 1-A really did gain the respect they were hoping from their peers. It was a really good episode. Now… did anyone here start falling in love with the idea of Nejire and Tamaki?

Ahem… I would not mind seeing more of them.