"My Hero Academia" Season 4 "Relief for License Trainees" Was Weird, Awkward, Fun Outing We Needed [SPOILER REVIEW]

This past weekend's episode of My Hero Academia was so much better than the last one. I think they could have shaved off some of the "apologetic crying teacher" and make it one episode instead of two-and-a-half. That said, it was much more enjoyable and made my heart so happy. Yes, it was weird… but the good kinda weird that you need every now and then.

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"Relief for License Trainees" started exactly where it left off: we get a fight between the insolent brats and our heroes in training. However, our students got to show how much they have grown and showed the kids that quirks are not just for fighting, but for so much more. They really get to captivate the kids' hearts after astounding them by creating a mini-amusement park. Once again, Todoroki made my heart melt.

However, there were two things that really stuck to me: first, Bakugo. I mentioned before how much I detest how unapologetically abusive he can be. It seems there might be some things changing and he has grown. There was a little moment where he tells one particularly bad kid that there is nothing to gain by thinking he is better than his mates. There was something so earnest and humbling and I really hope it sticks—I would love to see Bakugo's character grow. The second came when the tournament's speakers were glossing over how much harder to reign in the quirks are after a few generations of mixing.

Guessing this will come into play at some point…

My Hero Academia
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We then move on to the UA and Class 1-A. Aoyama has been acting quite weird and has managed to creep out Deku—Aoyama even leaves a plate of cheese for Deku spelling out "I Know" with the cheese itself. Deku then asks him about it and Aoyama confesses he knows that Deku's quirk is like his and not quite compatible with his body. He tells Deku that he knows it hurts him every time he uses his quirk and he just wanted to make Deku's smile and brighten his day a bit… in his own very awkward way. This whole scene made me snort and then really moved me – a reaction as wonderfully awkward as the scene.

My Hero Academia
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Something I really enjoy about My Hero Academia is the way the characters are developed. I love when we get to know more of each character in these types of episodes – making them more relatable and easier to understand their driving motivations… even if we don't agree with them. I always look forward for those snippets – though so far, nothing beats that moment when Deku started crying in front of Iida and Todoroki earlier this season: that will forever be one of my favorite moments.

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