Endeavor battles Nomu on My Hero Academia, courtesy of Funimation.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Finale His Start Review: Dreams of Heroism

My Hero Academia reached its finale bursting with action, with Endeavor and Hawks working hard to save the city against a sentient Nomu and try to keep damage to a minimum. All while the world, the Todoroki siblings, and Class 1-A watch from their own locations praying for a good outcome. In this last episode, […]

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"My Hero Academia" S04E12 "Unforeseen Hope" Grabbed My "Feels" & Wouldn't Let Go [SPOILER REVIEW]

The animation was simply amazing and I cannot get over the visuals whenever Sir Nighteye uses his quirk—those "film strips" were brilliantly used visually to denote the gravity of the situation.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5gsMF3yZ60In this week's outing, Deku does great by his Senpai, Lemillion—he humbly stands against Chisaki on a great battle so far along with Sir Nighteye[...]

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"My Hero Academia" Season 4: Our Thoughts on Funimation's NYCC Preview [OPINION]

The next part has me curious, because of All Might’s reasoning behind his decision: he told Deku he couldn’t face his former sidekick because he ended up exactly how Sir Nighteye predicted.Is it because he lost his quirk?All Might suggests that since Mirio is already interning under Sir Nighteye, why not ask him instead? Mirio[...]