NFL Return Bodyslams WWE Monday Night Raw Viewership

With the return of the NFL to Monday Nights drawing as many as 10 million viewers, WWE Monday Night Raw suffered this week, earning its lowest viewership since the launch of the Thunderdome. Even so, Raw managed a slight uptick in the rankings and 18-49 demographic from last week's episode, proving that young people love the WWE.

The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.
The official logo for WWE Monday Night Raw. Credit: WWE.

WWE Raw Viewership Down

Raw drew an average of 1.689 million viewers last night, according to Showbuzz Daily's charts. The first hour of the show drew 1.812 million viewers and the second hour drew 1.734 million viewers, both up against a Monday Night Football game that drew over 10 million viewers on average. The third hour of Raw, going up against an NFL game that drew an average of over 7 million viewers, drew 1.521 million viewers.

Raw Demo Rating Up

Raw's first two hours scored a .52 in the 18-49 demographic while the third hour drew .45 in the demo. That averages out to a .50, which is up from last week's .47. Raw took the fifth, sixth, and eighth spots in the Top 10 cable shows, topped only by Football and a 1 AM airing of Sportscenter after the games.

The Bottom Line 'Cause Chad Said So

Though viewership was down overall, The Chadster thinks that the demo rating and the fact that Raw did better than anything else that wasn't football related is a good sign. At least, that what I keep telling myself, and it's what I spend 45 minutes discussing with my wife Keighleyanne before writing this article. Keighleyanne definitely agrees with me because she was really passionate about getting me to stop second-guessing myself when she said, "Jesus Christ, Chad, will you just shut the f*ck up about this already and leave me alone?! I'm trying to text with Gary!" She really cares about me and my mental well-being.

(Note to editors: please be sure to give this article a positive headline and don't just focus on the negative aspect of the viewership. Nothing stupid like "WWE Raw Gets Suplexed by NFL in Total Viewers" or anything like that. Thanks.)


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