Night Court Stars Larroquette & Warfield Pen Markie Post Tributes

Surviving Night Court stars John Larroquette and Marsha Warfield penned tributes to late cast member Markie Post, who passed at the age of 70 after a four-month-long battle with cancer. The actress played public defender Christine Sullivan on the NBC sitcom for just over six seasons. Making her debut in season three premiere, Post would make the full commitment from season four on often acting the foil to state prosecutor Dan Fielding played by Larroquette.

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"Her grace, her warmth, her intelligence, her compassion, her optimism, her empathy, her humility, her love and devotion to her family," Larroquette wrote on Twitter. "And her flawless comic timing, her beauty, her laugh and more…We all wish she could have stayed longer but we thank the cosmos for blessing us and enriching the world with her for as long as it did. Markie Post Ross—November 4, 1950- August 7, 2021." The actor won four of his five Emmys on the series. Warfield joined the cast as Rosiland "Roz" Russell in season four took to FaceBook to share her thoughts on Post.

Night Court Stars Larroqutte & Warfield Pen Tribute to Markie Post
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Early yesterday morning, I got the news that Markie Post has passed away.
Out of respect for her family, I didn't want to say anything publicly until I saw it in the press.
But, I was shocked and devastated.
Though our recent communications were limited to social media exchanges, I had no idea she was ill.
But, I'm not surprised she didn't let on what she was going through, she wouldn't have wanted us to worry.
She has been, and will be, described as perky, bubbly, sweet, etc.
And she was.
But, she was also real, caring and kind.
I never heard a cross word from, to, or about her.
Because of our shared love of game shows, we were on set playmates.
She'd call out a word and I'd try to guess the Password.
Soon, Harry and John would join in and we'd have a rousing game going.
You hear actors saying their casts were a family, but on Night Court, the whole crew was family.
I was adopted late, but I never doubted that I was family too.
Markie was a big reason for that.
She was our welcome lady, or whatever you call that person who shows up at your door with a pie and a smile the first day you move in the neighborhood.
I never got the pie, but the smile was bright enough to make you forget pie was a thing.
Harry, Charlie and Markie were a big part of my life.
They were cast mates, co-workers, friends and family.
I will miss them, and cherish the memories we made and shared.
Three of the nicest people I've had the pleasure to know, may they rest together in peace, forever calling out Passwords, cracking jokes and sharing laughs and smiles.
My deepest heartfelt condolences to all whose lives they touched, and may their families and friends be comforted with the knowledge that there are millions of us.
Goodnight, Markie.
The Password is…sad.

The past three years have been particularly tragic for Night Court fans as Charles Robinson, who played court clerk Mac Robinson passed in July at the age of 75. Larroquette and Warfield also penned their respective tributes to the actor as well. ActressPaula Kelly, who played Public Defender Liz Williams in season two passed in 2020 and star Harry Anderson, who played Judge Harold T. Stone during the series entire duration passed in 2018. Also paying their respects is The Fall Guy star Lee Majors writing through his wife Faith Majors' Twitter, "From #LeeMajors ~ #MarkiePost Was special and can never be forgotten. I had the great pleasure of working with her over the years which was a blessing in my life. Sending prayers of peace, strength, comfort and love to her family. #TheFallGuy"

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