Paul Rudd Won't Let Conan O'Brien Depart Without A Late-Night Gift

Conan O'Brien has been celebrating his last shows on late-night television with some big-name guests joining him on Conan, including a recent interview with Bill Hader. The show has been going for eleven seasons on TBS, which began the mark of Conan's return to late-night after the heated departure from NBC. A continued and favorite guest of O'Brien's who appeared on NBC and then TBS is Paul Rudd. A man that seems to not age, Rudd is not known for what he brings to an interview as much as for what he doesn't- and how it somehow surprises Conan every time.

Paul Rudd Couldn't Let Conan O'Brien Leave Late Night Without A Gift
Paul Rudd interrupts Conan's interview with Bill Hader. Source: TBS/YouTube

It's not forgetting a new clip from an Anchorman film or the latest Antman, it's a particular scene from the incredibly odd Mac and Me. The video below is a compilation of some previous appearances by Rudd followed by the most recent surprise that had some special help from his friend Hader.

A long-running gag, Rudd arrives at the O'Brien set with a supposed clip from a new project of his, only for it to be the same Mac and Me clip. The iconic fall of the obvious body prop in a wheelchair followed by the concern of the weird alien is everything to Rudd and Conan fans every time it happens. This time, O'Brien reacts with final big laughs and glee reminiscing over the gag with Rudd and Hader. It's something fans realize they'll miss for sure, with O'Brien's last show on June 24th with an interview with Jack Black. While we'll miss the opportunity for another clip to be given to Conan by Rudd, the years and years of past ones will continue to make us laugh and remember those iconic moments.

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