Peacemaker Opening Dance Had Help from Resident Alien Star Alan Tudyk

If there's one thing that James Gunn knows how to do is to stand out in everything he's involved with from the top down whether it's the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise to the latest hit on HBO Max in DC's Peacemaker. Suffice it to say, you'd be hard-pressed to find any other R-rated action-comedy TV series with opening credits that feature an expressionless dance number. The one responsible for creating such a sequence is choreographer Charissa Barton, who spoke with /Film about how it came together including getting her husband involved in actor Alan Tudyk, who played a part in the dance's creation.

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Breaking Down Peacemaker Opening Theme Dance Sequence

Barton, who trained at Julliard, said that she and Gunn coordinated on how it would break down during the pandemic with the Resident Alien star even standing in for star John Cena during the Peacemaker opening sequence during rehearsals. The challenge she faced was creating a sequence that would work with the entire cast that accommodated their dance abilities. "But luckily I had my husband Alan present with me through a lot of it," she said. "Sometimes he would get home late and it'd be like 11 o'clock at night. I'd be like, 'Hey, can you try something? I need to see if this is accessible to a non-dancer.' Because it is hard for me to gauge sometimes. And he was such a willing partner. He was able to really help me find that line, as I feel like he was an average, like the mid-level actor-non-dancer-person."

Steve Agee, who played ARGUS' resident hacker John Economos, shared some behind-the-scenes photos of Tudyk on set via Twitter. While we don't know for sure if Tudyk will appear on Peacemaker at all, he played the primary villain in Mr. Nobody in Doom Patrol season one for WarnerMedia's pre-HBO Max streaming service, DC Universe. Here's the opening again so you can set it on loop.

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