Prepare for Tonight's 'The Magicians' Finale with Behind the Scenes Magic

Here we are, yet another season of SYFY's The Magicians is coming to an end.

Prepare for Tonight's 'The Magicians' Finale with Behind the Scenes Magic

Frankly, I'm not ready.

SYFY has been really canny with the way they schedule some of their original programs, mostly opting towards a leaner, meaner episode count per season than traditional network programming, which lends to a lot less bloat for the stories that do get told.

So, instead of a bunch of filler episodes to pad out the season while the main storyline progresses, we get something akin to this season of The Magicians, that somehow manages to wind up before we've really gotten too used to it being around.

Luckily, there is already a fifth season on order from SYFY, if we could get some word from the network about a second season of Deadly Class, you would be seeing a very happy me.

So, here's to another season of The Magicians, and here's a pretty cool behind the scenes video from last week's episode, "The Secret Sea":

Tonight, SYFY presents "No Better to Be Safe Than Sorry", the end of this season's Monster of Blackspire Castle saga. Frankly, I'm really hoping that we get Eliot back. While I have been enjoying the hell out of Hale Appleman's portrayal of the Monster, it would be really nice to have Eliot around again.

But, this is The Magicians, a program that famously skews expectations. We already know how things turned out for Penny 40, I wouldn't rule out a tragic ending for anyone on this show!


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