Ron Moore: Outlander S07/Spinoff News; Battlestar Galactica No Reboot

Between new mega-deals and upcoming projects like new seasons of Apple's For All Mankind and his upcoming new series for his new home Disney Plus, Swiss Family Robinson. But during a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter's Daniel Fienberg and Lesley Goldberg for the TV's Top 5 podcast, Ron Moore also offered promising updates on two other projects he's associated with- one directly and the other thematically. Here's a look at two highlights from the interview, one focusing on the future of STARZ's Outlander and the other on Sam Esmail's (Mr. Robot) new Battlestar Galactica series for Peacock.


The show hasn't been renewed beyond season six yet. What conversations have you had about expanding the show beyond that, whether it's a season seven or spinoffs? I'm a little stunned that a global hit like Outlander that is based on such beloved novels hasn't by season six already had two or three spinoffs.

"Outlander" Fans Should Expect Some Good Renewal/Spinoff News: "Conversations are underway on both season seven and on a spinoff and I think we're going to have good news on both those fronts before too long so I feel very optimistic about it," Moore teased. 'I agree that I would've been happy to see it happen sooner than this but everything happens in its time. I think both those things are probably going to happen and hopefully, we'll be able to say something about it before too long."

On His "Battlestar Galactica" Talk with Sam Esmail (or "When Is a Reboot Not a Reboot? When It's "Inspired"): "He [Esmail] called me, which was very generous. He didn't have to; I don't own that story — it was a preexisting property. He was careful and quick to say it's not a reboot. I was relieved to hear that. He said he had stories he wanted to tell in that universe that I didn't get a chance to tell and he could do it in these other places within the 'Battlestar' franchise," Moore explained. "I wished him well and I appreciated the gesture that he made to see how I felt about it. The important thing to me was that it wasn't a reboot. Sam is an amazingly talented writer and I am very curious to see what he does with it. I look forward to seeing it and being able to watch Battlestar as a fan, which I haven't been able to do since 1978."

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