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But during a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter's Daniel Fienberg and Lesley Goldberg for the TV's Top 5 podcast, Ron Moore also offered promising updates on two other projects he's associated with- one directly and the other thematically Here's a look at two highlights from the interview, one focusing on the future of STARZ's Outlander and[...]
Francis Lawrence
Ron Moore's reimagined series is the touchstone example of how to take an existing franchise and update it, modern story and modern casting at it's best.  For whatever reason, Universal decided in 2014 it was time (already, wth) to redo the Cylons vs humans story. Originally, Bryan Singer was developing a Battlestar Galactica TV series as early as[...]
Ronald D. Moore
Hence, the first question. Bleeding Cool: Hi, Ron. Ron Moore: Hi. BC: So, that panel you were just on — you talked about the Star Trek writers room, and specifically, how you hate replicators. Ron: Yes Replicators are the worst thing ever Destroys storytelling all the time They mean there's no value to anything Nothing has value in the[...]
Want To See The Outlander Season 3 Premiere Early?
 Heartache, longing, laughter and tears, the show continues to be in the best hands imaginable with Ron Moore at the helm. There was also that unfortunate oops on the part of the STARZ media team who accidentally released an image from the big reunion that happens in season 3. Outlander is set to return for it's third season[...]
Outlander Season 3 Premiere Date Announced By STARZ
The end of Droughtlander is in sight, Outlander fans! The third season premiere of the STARZ hit series is closer than we thought, and hopefully after San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) we'll get the full length trailer. STARZ announced today via this HEARTBREAKING Claire and Jamie poster that the official season 3 airdate will be September 10th, 2017: *tries[...]