"Snoopy in Space": Smart, Out-Of-This-World Fun for All Ages [REVIEW]

Losing your mind with the kiddos trapped at home with no foreseeable chance at parole? We've got you covered! Well, for a couple hours or so at least. Enter Snoopy in Space, the delightful AppleTV+ series that's both entertaining and educational. The episodes are short – only about 10 minutes a piece, but there's 12 episodes, which makes it pretty great for kid-friendly binge watching / work time for parents.

Apple TV+

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Now, you could turn on those same four episodes of their favorite show…again, but don't you wan't something that won't turn their brains to mush (not to mention something you know word for word by heart)? Exactly.

Snoopy in Space is AppleTV+, but it's an absolutely delightful series all about Snoopy learning about NASA and space. Besides, AppleTV+ has a free trial period, and they have some pretty great shows for adults too (if you're into space, check out their original drama series For All Mankind).

Of course this series has all the nostalgia of the classic Peanuts cartoons, but it's updated and sneaks in some space facts as Charlie Brown and friends help Snoopy (and Woodstock) realize his dream of becoming a famous astronaut.

The series follows them to Houston's JSC (that's Johnson Space Center) for astronaut training and then puts them in mission control for Snoopy's space flight as he becomes the first beagle (and Woodstock the first bird) in space, on the moon – and eventually even Mars!

All in all, the series is wholesome, cute, a little silly, and presents a realistic path, representation, and facts of the space program at NASA and the moon, International Space Station (ISS), and space in general.

For kids obsessed with space, it's a must watch – especially the younger (under 10 set); though that's not to say that it's not still highly enjoyable for older kids and adults – it gets a little basic at times (but I may just know way more about space than the average journalist, or human for that matter).

In case I wasn't clear, it's a great series and I highly recommend it – especially if your kids are into Carmen Sandiego, or you're an adult who loves Snoopy and space exploration.

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