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Peanuts: The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show Production Cel Hits Auction
Charlie Brown has become an icon for the downtrodden Peanuts, created by Charles M Schulz, pits Charlie Brown as the protagonist of a newspaper comic strip that chronicles the lives of young Charlie, his creative beagle Snoopy, and all of the kids in the town. Peanuts is not only one of the most iconic comic strips[...]
Snoopy and Charlie Brown Animation Cel Hits Auction
Schultz or the hyper-popular animation franchise, the impact of Snoopy and Charlie Brown cannot be understated The nervous and unlucky Charlie Brown was an unlikely protagonist to whom audiences bonded Everyone likes an underdog but, even more than that, everyone loves his dog Snoopy has become one of the most iconic characters in both comics[...]
Peanuts Documentary "Who Are You, Charlie Brown?" Coming To Apple TV+
A new Peanuts documentary Who Are You, Charlie Brown? is coming Apple TV+ on June 25th Narrated by Lupita Nyong'o, the special is executive produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard, and will take a look at the life and creation of Peanuts by Charles M Schulz It will feature interviews with Drew Barrymore, Al[...]
The Snoopy Show Trailer Flies Like a Beagle on AppleTV+
The series comes courtesy of Peanuts and WildBrain, which concentrates on Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy from his puppy days into adulthood where he later befriends his much smaller counterpart and best friend, Woodstock. Charlie Brown and Snoopy in The Snoopy Show Image courtesy of AppleTV+ The trailer teases Snoopy's various personas like Joe Cool, Masked Marvel, and[...]
Peanuts Baseball Strip Up For Auction Over At Heritage Right Now
Peanuts and Baseball go hand in hand, as, over the years, Charles Schulz had young Charlie Brown over the years know the agony of being bad at sports over and over again Sure, he always missed the football But it was his exploits on the diamond will always hold a special place in our hearts,[...]
Peanuts holiday specials are coming to PBS (Image: Apple TV+)
Looks like it won't be "iPeanuts" for the holidays after all, with Apple TV+ and PBS announcing a deal to broadcast A Charlie Brown Christmas and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on over-the-air television Though the streaming service announced that it had secured the rights to the holiday adventures of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and the[...]
Peanuts is coming to Apple TV+ with new and classic animated series and specials (Image: Apple TV+)
That's right, Apple TV+ will now be your one-stop-shopping when it comes to new original series and specials as well as iconic specials from the past. Peanuts is coming to Apple TV+ with new and classic animated series and specials (Image: Apple TV+) That means fans of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the gang[...]
Peanuts Sunday Baseball Strip By Shultz Up For Auction At Heritage
Credit Heritage Auctions Peanuts Sunday Strip Baseball By Schultz Charles Schulz Peanuts Sunday Baseball Comic Strip Original Art dated 5-7-72 (United Feature Syndicate, 1972). Whenever Charlie Brown is on the pitcher's mound and he hears Lucy call out, "Hey Manager," his stomach begins to hurt! Here's another great baseball-themed Peanuts Sunday, starring our favorite insecure hero and his number one[...]
The Peanuts website,, now features materials for students from kindergarten through eighth grade to "develop their STEM, language arts, and social studies skills with the help of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the whole Peanuts Gang," according to a press release. The press release describes the ways in which the Peanuts gang can make learning at[...]
Besides, AppleTV+ has a free trial period, and they have some pretty great shows for adults too (if you're into space, check out their original drama series For All Mankind). Of course this series has all the nostalgia of the classic Peanuts cartoons, but it's updated and sneaks in some space facts as Charlie Brown and[...]
'Peanuts in Space' Apollo 10 Documentary Greenlit for Apple TV
Schultz, the lovable characters of Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, Woodstock, Sally, Peppermint Patty, Marcy, Lucy and the rest of the gang became an American staple for over half a century Schultz almost drew 18,000 Peanuts strips in his 50 year-career until his death in 2000 His legacy spans five feature films, 47 television specials, three[...]
Apple Lands Rights to New Peanuts Content – So Snoopy's An iPhone User Now?
It's Time to Stand in Line For An iPhone, Charlie Brown: Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang stumble into a series of hijinks and shenanigans while waiting in line overnight for the new iPhone launch at their local Apple store – while Woodstock bonds with his pigeon cousins, while Linus gets[...]
Was A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving a 'Get Out' Warning for Franklin?
Did you know that animated holiday classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving first aired on November 20, 1973, on CBS (and now on ABC since 2001) – and that it's celebrating its forty-fifth year on the air? Did you also know that there's a scene in the special that at best just looks wrong – and at worst is[...]
These are the start of the final four episodes of the series. Happy New Year, Charlie Brown and Rudolph's Shiny New Year both air tonight on ABC starting at 8 p.m With the short turn around between the holidays, the network is already bringing out their New Years specials Chuck, Snoopy and the gang get together[...]