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Peanuts Head To NYC For First Feature Film From Apple
Apple TV+ has been home to all things Peanuts for a while now, and this feature film will send Snoopy and the gang to New York City The film is set to head into production in 2024 Apple's Peanuts feature is produced in partnership with WildBrain and Peanuts Worldwide and marks the first three-way partnership[...]
Snoopy Comes To Cats & Soup For Special Holiday Event
Neowiz has a brand new event happening in their mobile game Cats & Soup right now featuring the classic Peanuts character Snoopy! This is one of those rare events in which they have allowed the character, along with Woodstock, to appear for a limited time in celebration of the holidays The people who run the[...]
A Peanuts Production Cel Featuring Tennis Snoopy Has Hit Auction
The plot saw Snoopy and Woodstock, the beagle and bird friends, enter into a tennis match in the opening scene Snoopy in his tennis outfit was quite the look, and now fans of Peanuts can head over to the auction website Heritage to bid on a production cel from the special featuring Snoopy in this athletic[...]
Snoopy, Come Home May Be the Best Charles Schulz's Peanuts Movie
That movie is Snoopy, Come Home, and I've eagerly awaited sharing a listing from this beautiful movie of separation, adventure, and reunion This 1972 film sees Snoopy part from Charlie Brown to be reunited with his original owner Lila after an emotional going away party, what reminds Snoopy of how close he has become to Charlie[...]
Lucy's School: Apple TV Peanuts Special Trailer Honors Educators
And don't forget that coming to Apple TV+ on Friday, August 12, through its partnership with WildBrain, are new episodes of the second season of the beloved Apple Original series The Snoopy Show. Source: Apple TV+ Now here's a look at the official trailer for Apple TV+'s Lucy's School and The Snoopy Show Season 2: The Peanuts gang[...]
Peanuts: The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show Production Cel Hits Auction
Schulz, pits Charlie Brown as the protagonist of a newspaper comic strip that chronicles the lives of young Charlie, his creative beagle Snoopy, and all of the kids in the town. Peanuts is not only one of the most iconic comic strips but has also become an animation franchise that strides the generational line, settling into[...]
Snoopy Presents: To Mom (And Dad), With Love Apple TV+ Trailer
Meanwhile, Snoopy and Woodstock embark on an epic adventure to find Woodstock's long-lost mom. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Source: Apple TV+ Source: Apple TV+ Source: Apple TV+ Source: Apple TV+ Source: Apple TV+ Source: Apple TV+ Source: Apple TV+ Source: Apple TV+ Source: Apple TV+ A sweet reminder[...]
Peanuts' Snoopy Takes Flight as the WWI Flying Ace in Lithograph
The strip introduced a long list of beloved characters, including the strip's lead, the perpetually down-on-his-luck Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, and, of course, Snoopy Snoopy is the heart and soul of Peanuts He is Charlie Brown's dog, but also so much more Snoopy is an imaginative and introspective Beagle who acts out elaborate[...]
Peanuts: The Charlie Brown & Snoopy Show Production Cel Hits Auction
Schulz, the protagonist of Peanuts is a quiet, introspective, and kind kid who lives a simple life: he's a good friend, he's a good dog owner to his beloved beagle Snoopy, and… well, he's not quite that good at anything else He stumbles through life with things going wrong around him beyond just the iconic scenes[...]
Snoopy and Charlie Brown Animation Cel Hits Auction
Schultz or the hyper-popular animation franchise, the impact of Snoopy and Charlie Brown cannot be understated The nervous and unlucky Charlie Brown was an unlikely protagonist to whom audiences bonded Everyone likes an underdog but, even more than that, everyone loves his dog Snoopy has become one of the most iconic characters in both comics[...]
The Snoopy Show Trailer Flies Like a Beagle on AppleTV+
Fans of the Peanuts franchise can rejoice as AppleTV+ unveiled their latest trailer for The Snoopy Show Based on the comic strip by Charles M Shultz, the latest animated adventures allow viewers to fly like a beagle…to the sea and let his imaginative spirit carry him until he's free The series comes courtesy of Peanuts[...]
Peanuts Strip from November 17, 1950 by Charles Shulz.
Charles Schulz's Peanuts syndicated comic strip began its 17897 strip, 50-year run on October 2, 1950.  Snoopy first appeared just two days later on October 4, 1950.  An earliest-days Peanuts comic strip from November 17, 1950 has just hammered at Heritage Auctions for $192,000 — a record price for a Peanuts daily comic strip.  The[...]
Peanuts holiday specials are coming to PBS (Image: Apple TV+)
Though the streaming service announced that it had secured the rights to the holiday adventures of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, and the Peanuts gang, the deal guarantees that viewers without access to Apple's TV+ can still see the two specials PBS stations will air A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on Sunday, November 22, and A Charlie[...]
Your Voice Chicago - SNL
We're talking Arrowverse, The Walking Dead, Joss Whedon, Quibi, Titans, UFC, 50 Cent, Bob's Burgers, Kaley Cuoco, Snoopy, The Venture Bros., Archer, Run The Jewels, and a whole helluva lot more: Your Voice Chicago (BCTV Image: NBCU-SNL) Saturday Night Live: Kanye West Accuses Issa Rae of Being Used by SNL: Kanye West is an example of someone[...]
Peanuts is coming to Apple TV+ with new and classic animated series and specials (Image: Apple TV+)
Looks like Snoopy and Woodstock's first season mission into space turned out better for Apple TV+ than anyone expected, with the streaming service announcing on Monday that it's teaming up with WildBrain, Peanuts Worldwide, and Lee Mendelson Film Productions, to become the home base for all things Peanuts That's right, Apple TV+ will now be[...]
Enter Snoopy in Space, the delightful AppleTV+ series that's both entertaining and educational The episodes are short – only about 10 minutes a piece, but there's 12 episodes, which makes it pretty great for kid-friendly binge watching / work time for parents. Apple TV+ [rwp_box id="0"] Now, you could turn on those same four episodes of their favorite[...]
Bleeding Cool Checks Out The Chuck Jones Gallery at San Diego Comic-Con
The styles of art are as varied as the subject matter, ranging from superheroes to Snoopy to Star Wars The one thing all of the pieces have in common is their reverence for some of the most-loved pop culture properties. Walking through the Gallery, you can see colorful prints and canvases of your favorite Marvel and[...]
Snoopy: A Beagle of Mars OGN Brings Snoopy to Space
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios is getting into the space race in December with a new Peanuts OGN, Snoopy: A Beagle of Mars From the creative team of Jason Cooper, Robert Pope, and Hannah White, Snoopy: A Beagle of Mars is produced in partnership with Peanuts Worldwide and NASA in an attempt to inspire a passion[...]
Super7 SDCC 2019: TMNT, Breakin, and So Much More!
YOU WILL NOT NEED A COMIC-CON BADGE TO VISIT THE GOOD GRIEF GIFT SHOP – ALL ARE WELCOME! This collection's signature piece, the Good Ol' Charlie Brown 3.75" ReAction Figure showcases Charlie Brown as he appeared in the very first Peanuts newspaper strip from October 2nd, 1950. Standing by Good Ol' Charlie Brown's side will be a[...]
LEGO SDCC Exclusive Captain Marvel Set Revealed
That one is a must-own. Funko SDCC Animation Exclusives Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z Red Chrome Vegeta (Hot Topic) Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Z Ghost Gotenks (BoxLunch) Pop! Animation: Neon Genesis Evangelion – Asuka (Hot Topic) Pop! Animation: RWBY Ruby Rose (Hot Topic) Pop! Animation: Peanuts—Astronaut Snoopy ( Barnes & Noble) Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty (FYE & GameStop) So, nobody knows what these two[...]
Was A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving a 'Get Out' Warning for Franklin?
Charlie, Linus, and the gang – with Snoopy and Woodstock as the designated chefs – arrange a friends' Thanksgiving so they can all be together before Charlie Brown and his sister Sally head to their grandmother's for the "official" feast Before we know it, their "Friends-giving" feast menu begins to resemble something that was built[...]
Float This! Bleeding Cool's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Live-Blog!
This classic float features a mailbox full of holiday cards and letters, a dish full of dog bones, Charlie Brown's beloved tree and the doghouse complete with holiday lights. Float Fact: Although Snoopy's doghouse is mostly associated with a red roof, the float's doghouse features a blue roof as it represented in the animated film. Rising from[...]
Snoopy in Space? Peanuts Launches Woodstock NASA Comic at San Diego Comic-Con
Except this time it is all about celebrating the space mission and Peanuts' role in that. Zine – 'Mission (Out of) Control' Before Woodstock and his Mission Control bird buddies send Snoopy to the moon they've got to make a cup of coffee first! "Mission (out of) Control" is laugh-out-loud mayhem and an SDCC mini-comic exclusive from[...]
snoopy peanuts uniqlo line
Everyone loves the Peanuts gang, especially its resident dog, Snoopy! UNIQLO's line of Kaws x Peanuts clothing and collectibles is just what any fan needs, and the collection is currently half off Personally I think UNIQLO is already crazy affordable, but a cool Snoopy shirt for under $8 is hard to pass up I own[...]
ornaments hallmark plushies
The sculpt is awesome, and her colors really pop! She looks powerful and graceful, and will look great hanging anywhere! #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-4 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-4 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Next up is Charlie Brown and Snoopy from Peanuts! I've always associated these characters with[...]
JamCity And Peanuts Announce SnoopyPop
Jam City and Peanuts Worldwide announced the start of pre-registration for Snoopy Pop, which is a bubble shooter game starring the beloved Peanuts characters and Snoopy alter-egos from the classic comic by Charles M Schulz Fans can now sign up to be notified when the new game launches and receive a "Snoopy-licious in-game gift." Personally though, I[...]
Celebrate The Release Of The Peanuts Movie With Peanuts: The Snoopy Special #1
Schulz's beloved characters with Peanuts: The Snoopy Special #1 KaBOOM! The award-winning all-ages imprint of publisher BOOM! Studios, in partnership with Charles M Schulz Creative Associates and Peanuts Worldwide, present two Snoopy-centric short stories in the oversized, 48-page original Peanuts: The Snoopy Special #1 The special is written and illustrated by Peanuts veterans Jason Cooper[...]
For The Love Of Peanuts
Schulz creations and what Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest mean to them. The Peanuts movies will be in theaters November 6th. [youtube][/youtube] The crew behind the upcoming Peanuts movie talk about growing up a fan of the Charles M Schulz creations and what Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest mean to them. The Peanuts movies will be[...]
How To Draw Snoopy With The Peanuts Movie Director Steve Martino
Snoopy's birthday is coming up tomorrow and the director of the upcoming Peanuts Movie, Steve Martino, has sat down to show us just how to draw the famous beagle The Peanuts Movie is based on the characters created by Charles M Schulz and opens in theaters this November. [youtube][/youtube] [...]