Staged Series 2 Episode 2: Now the Story (and Comedy) Truly Begins

The first episode of Staged Series 2 was merely a prelude to the coming chaos. Now the story truly begins. Creator, writer, and director Simon Davis has sold the rights to a US network and is writing the pilot. He tells Nina Sosonya that she would be back playing the same role as she did in the first season of the BBC original. In fact, the original supporting cast would be back, except for David Tennant and Michael Sheen.

Staged 2 Episode 2: Now the Story - and Comedy - Truly Begins
Still from "Staged Series 2" Episode 2, BBC

Or rather, "David Tennant" and "Michael Sheen". The meta hall of mirrors continues to rotate furiously in the second season of the show. This is an alternate universe in which the first season of the show exists as fiction, but "David" and "Michael" are the exact same desperate, insecure, needy, desperate versions of themselves they played in the first season. And they're even worse this time. David was all set to fly off to South Africa for his new show, only for production to be postponed due to you-know-what. They're already bad enough when they find out about the US remake of the show that won't cast them, and Simon is as weaselly as he was in the first season, so he didn't tell them. They have to hear it from Nina. And to add insult to injury, Simon asks if they would be willing to talk to some prospective actors who might be playing them in the US remake.

Staged Series 2 is even funnier than the first season because David and Michael are even more desperate than before. Lockdown is driving them crazy, and things are just going to get worse. And when things get worse, the comedy just gets funnier. This is a show that knows that the best comedy comes from people at their worse, and it gleefully portrays actors as insecure, needy, destructive, passive-aggressive, aggressive-aggressive crazy people, and in the existential purgatory that is Lockdown, they are us.

Staged Series 2 is now streaming on the BBC iPlayer. Hopefully, it will be on Hulu in the US soon.

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