Sting Returned on AEW Rampage, Really Cheesing The Chadster Off

Sting made his return to AEW Rampage last night, saving Darby Allin from a post-match beatdown at the hands of Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly after Allin defeated Fish in the main event. Sting has been out of action since May when he was reportedly injured after O'Reilly attacked his leg with a steel chair on the May 18th episode of AEW Dynamite, causing him to miss Double or Nothing (though the chair attack was likely kayfabe cover for a different injury). After Sting saved Allin from the attack, Allin hit a Coffin Drop on O'Reilly with a chair around his ankle, earning a measure of revenge for his mentor.

The Chadster understands that this is wrestling booking 101, but personally, The Chadster finds this to be really distasteful on the same night that WWE is going through so much turmoil thanks to the scandal surrounding Vince McMahon. When The Chadster heard what WWE was going through, The Chadster was just so upset that he downed an entire half of a four-pack of White Claw seltzer, and let The Chadster tell you, it wasn't a pretty sight, unless you enjoy looking at a grown man banging his head against the steering wheel of his Mazda Miata while listening to Smashmouth in the garage while his wife Keighleyanne shouts, "Chad, dang it, come the heck out of that garage and mow the dang lawn!" Out of respect for WWE's troubles, you would think even someone as evil as Tony Khan would give WWE a break and cancel Rampage for the night, but no. Instead, Max Caster even referenced the scandal during his entrance rap bef0re he and the Ass Boys defeated Bear Country and Leon Ruff, which really cheesed The Chadster off. Auughh man! So unfair!

Even more unfair, AEW Rampage last night featured some really good pro wrestling, and, even more disrespectfully, some great sports entertainment as well. In the opening match, a hard-hitting affair to get viewers excited for the upcoming Forbidden Door PPV, Interim AEW Championship contender Jon Moxley defeated Dante Martin, though Martin seemed to earn Moxley's respect through competition.

And as Jade Cargill successfully defended her TBS Championship against Willow Nightingale, Chris Jericho awarded Cargill the Sports Entertainer of the Week award, which just goes to show that Chris Jericho doesn't understand the first thing about sports entertainment. How can someone be a sports entertainer in a wrestling company? It just doesn't make any sense. And it feels like a really, well… it feels like this:

Sting Returns on AEW Rampage
Sting swings for the fences on AEW Rampage [screenshot]
Once again, AEW Rampage took a bad week for The Chadster and somehow managed to make it worse. If you'll excuse The Chadster, The Chadster is headed back to the garage now to finish off the rest of that 4-pack of seltzer.

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