Supergirl Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: Crisis On Earth-X Part 1

This article contains spoilers for the Supergirl season 3 episode – Crisis on Earth-X Part 1.






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And the big, four-part Arrowverse crossover event, Crisis on Earth-X, begins on Supergirl and it does it with a bang. Dark Arrow, the Earth-X version of Oliver Queen, arrives at a supposedly secret resistence location where they are working on a device to change the world. He takes out multiple guards with no problem and is about to enter the building when he is confronted by Guardian aka James Olsen. His armor has an American Flag motif, pitting the U.S. verus Nazis right away and the Nazis won. DA kills Olsen and we have a nice opening that sets the table and expectations that anything can happen.

The show then goes into it's own unique credits rather than the normal Supergirl ones. No narration. Then we jump around starting with Central City done in the Flash font where Flash is figthing King Shark and talking to Iris about who hasn't RSVP'ed for the wedding. Cut to Star City (in Arrow font) where Green Arrow is fighting ninjas and Felicity is asking about the wedding. Cut to England in the past (Done in Legends font) where Sara, Mick, Jax and Stein are stopping some of the King's tax collectors and they realize they haven't responded about the wedding and then we cut to National City (in… you get the idea) where Supergirl is fighting a Dominator and makes the joke, 'this is so last year'. We then see Kara and Alex commiserating on the couch about their relationship woes and Kara decides the two of them are going to Barry and Iris' wedding on Earth-1.

We then cut to scenes with Kara, Felicity, Iris and Caitlin getting their nails done while Barry and Oliver are getting their tuxedos. Strangely they all talk very freely about being heroes in front of the employees at both shops. Barry and Oliver talk about having someone in their life they love and Barry is the one to give the sage advice, showing a switch between the two characters. Barry has grown up. When the Legends arrive, Cisco and Harry have a gift for Firestorm, a serum that would take away their power so they could live apart. Stein is happy, Jax seems to be less so. There is also a moment between Stein and Caitlin where there is a nice call back to Ronnie Raymond. We move to the rehearsal dinner where Joe gives a very touching speech, Barry asks Kara to sing at the wedding, Oliver asks Felicity to marry him… and she says no. And Sara and Alex become friends over a bottle of Scotch. Alex wakes up the next morning in bed with Sara and has a real hard time with the fact the had a one-night stand.

The next day at the wedding, Mick Rory decides to sit on the brides side since he tried to kill the groom a few times. He ends up sitting next to Captain Singh and his boyfriend… and Singh sort of recognizes Rory, but not quite. Everyone is there and Kara starts to sing the same song that Barry used to propose to Iris, Run To You. Then the wedding begins and the minister (played by William Katt) says a few nice opening comments, asks if anyone has reason these two should not be wed… and he is blown apart by Overgirl. The fight is on and it's fun. Alex and Sara take on a few soldiers and then the Earth-X Prometheus. Oliver, who has a collapsable bow on him, goes after Dark Arrow. Supergirl again Overgirl and everyone else either gets folks out of the church or fights soldiers. Caitlin switches to Killer Frost and Rory is in love. Wally shows off some really nice moves including turning a bullet back around on someone. Cisco and Oliver work well together. And when Supergirl takes down Overgirl, Dark Arrow calls a retreat.  Looks like almost everyone is okay except for Cisco who remains unconscious at the end.

We cut to the bad guys and we see Dark Flash show up and it's revealed that these are Earth-X versions of Oliver and Kara… but Dark Flash claims to be Earth-1's Eobard Thawne wearing the Harrison Wells face again to disturb Barry. Not sure how that works at all.

The episode was a lot of fun, all the interaction between the heroes was great. But there was also a lot of emotion, most of which comes from the regular series and will continue when the crossover is done. The fight will all the heroes was also really well done. But there are some things that haven't been answered like, where is Ralph Dibny? How about Nate, Amaya and Zari? What about John Diggle, he's worked with Barry a few times, wouldn't he have come? And there is little to no acknowledgement that the Nazis killed the minister. One really nice surprise was Melissa Benoist singing. I didn't think the songs she did on the musical episode last year really showed off her voice that well, be she sounds great here. It's an embarrassment of riches when it comes to singers in the Arrowverse.

The important question though might turn out to be… who exactly was the girl with the water talking to Barry just before the wedding? That seems relatively important.

And since the Arrow episode followed up immediately after Supergirl, I'll move over and do up my recap/review of that now too.

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