The Great North Gets Early FOX Green Light For Season 3 Return

Ahead of the second season, and at the end of the first, The Great North has received some fantastic news among the many recent series cancellations…they're getting a third season. FOX has altered and updated their animation domination lineup many times over the years, with some succeeding and staying on for many seasons while others might only last for one. The Great North has a great team behind it, those who saw success from Bob's Burgers, such as Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux, and other animated works before working on the Alaskan-set comedy series.

The Great North Gets An Early Greenlight For A Season 3 On FOX
The Tobin family. Source: FOX

After establishing themselves on FOX among the other shows during their first season, The Great North has a lot of creative room to relax and explore their storylines. The characters have seen development, the comedy has seen further structure, and the fan art has begun. As the future begins in a less confined post-pandemic world, working on the series may look and feel a little different than before…it'll be in person, for one thing. Delays and the unknown have taken over news feeds for fans of a variety of shows, long-distance work in the industry has made it so.

But the many who were able to work through it, such as the hype and production for The Great North is unique. With a star-studded cast, lending some iconic voices to the screen (looking at you Nick Offerman), it makes sense that a following has begun for the loving and hilarious Tobin family. Stay tuned for a review of the season one finale of The Great North and prep for the upcoming seasons by watching the whole thing with either FOX or Hulu. Catch up on the story and the jokes, and let us know you're favorite moments and/or characters from the first season!

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