The Walking Dead EP Angela Kang Talks Maggie's Season 10 Finale Role

When AMC's The Walking Dead wrapped its shortened tenth season (for now), there was a feeling that they would leave the fanbase with a little something to tide them over until later this year. The series definitely delivered, and it was much more than a "little something": Lauren Cohan will return as Maggie to the long-running series, just in time for the endgame in The Whisperers War to play out. In the preview for the season finale (see below), it's clear that Carol's (Melissa McBride) letter made it to Maggie. Will her return be the tipping point that turns the tide against Beta (Ryan Hurst) and the Whisperers once and for all? Series showrunner and executive producer Angela Kang wouldn't reveal too much about Maggie's return, but she did promise that viewers will learn more about what's been going on with her since she left and that her return will have a definite impact on our survivors.

Lauren Cohan's Maggie reads Carol's letter in The Walking Dead season 10, courtesy of AMC.
Lauren Cohan's Maggie reads Carol's letter in The Walking Dead season 10, courtesy of AMC.

"We'll see some more of the new characters as they're featured this season, and we will see more of the epic conflict we've been witnessing all season with the survivors and the Whisperers. And we'll see that Maggie is…. We'll know what's happened with her and what that means for our group. And our people are obviously on this collision course with the Whisperer horde. We will see Beta doing his thing as the leader of the Whisperers, hell bent on his revenge. Obviously, it's not been that long in the timeline since Michonne said 'I'm going to go off and try to find your father,' and she's obviously not back. We'll see how Judith's dealing with that. There's Darryl and Negan, and Lydia, and Carol, and things with various groupings coming to a head. And we'll see more from the person in the iron mask with the weapons that come upon Alden and Aaron that we'll see in sneak peaks and everything. I think it's a really cool episode. Greg Nicotero did an amazing job directing it. The actors turn in beautiful performances. The writers did amazing work and the crew. I think it'll be a really satisfying episode."

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