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Tony Schiavone is Addicted to Video Games in Being the Elite #202

A new episode of Being the Elite is out, Being the Elite #202. There's quite a few segments on the show this week, and I'm gonna recap 'em all. This episode features a game of basketball at the BTE compound, Matt Hardy explaining false finishes, a new #KickoutChallenge, Luchasaurus's quest to find his tail, a major reveal in the Private Party mystery, Taz's feud with Excalibur, Adam Page baking bread, and more. If you'd rather watch it yourself, just scroll down to the bottom.

The official logo for BTE Being the Elite.
The official logo for BTE Being the Elite.

#Kickout Challenge and A Friendly Game of BTE

The show started with Brandon Cutler trying another #KickoutChallenge. This time, Cutler said, he'd be trying something new: false finishes. Broken Matt Hardy interrupted to explain what a false finish is. "A false finish is a believable scenario in the context of a wrestling match where it seems that one of the competitors is definitely going to lose the matchup. At the last instance, the competitor kicks out and the match continues. Terms of the inside explained with broken business.

The Young Bucks joined Cutler for the segment. However, Cutler wasn't kicking out this week. Over and over, the Bucks performed moves on Cutler and scored three-counts as Cutler tried to remain positive. When he eventually gave in, Matt Jackson gave him a pep talk, but he got pinned again. Then he tried changing up the scenery, moving from the gym to the sitting area by the tennis court. Again, he was pinned, this time after Matt threw kool-aid in his face, which he called "an old carny trick. And that's the title of the episode.

After the new Being the Elite opening credits, the Young Bucks plated a game of Horse with their younger brother, Malachi Jackson. Instead of H-O-R-S-E, they spelled the letters BTE. Matt Jackson ended up losing despite bragging about his basketball career at the beginning of the segment. Yes, there were camera shenanigans.

Tony Schiavone's Video Game Addition and Luchasaurus's Tail

In the next segment, Cody was joined by Tony Schiavone at AEW East HQ for a new segment called "Quarantine Confessions." Tony's confession is that he bought a Playstation 4 and "I can't get off the motherf***er. I play it every day. I gotta stop. I play Madden. I play Red Dead.. what's the name of the damn game? Red Dead Redemption. Where the Cowboy's shooting. I play that son of a bitch game. I'm also playing Uncharted 4 and Batman Arkham Asylum and it took me five hours to get by Bane." Tony admitted he's addicted to video games and to break the addiction, he's going to to donate the game.

On his quest for his tail, Luchasaurus finds Super Panda digging through a dumpster behind PAnda Express. Though SUper Panda is eating garbage in the dumpster, he's insulted that Luchasaurus would believe he's at a Panda Express just because he's a Panda. Super Panda feels Luchasaurus mistreated him after finding success and tells him off. Luchasaurus says he's gonna get Super Panda bookings again. Super Panda has a change of heart and agrees to help him find his tail.

Taz Hates Excalibur, Plus BTE Part 2

Taz spoke with Benigno Bodega with questions about a co-worker. Taz feels that Excalibur is jealous of him and his talents. Bodega agrees. Also, Exalibur owes Taz money. Taz says Tony Schiavone is a really ***hole who he doesn't like. Bodega thinks it's because of the WCW money. Excalibur calls Taz on the phone, and Taz curses him out.

Back at the basketball court, Nick Jackson calls back to the classic Mr. Perfect basketball sketch and misses as he and Malichi continue the game of BTE. Nick attempts a Michael Jordan dunk but fails. He then loses on a layup when he trips under the hoop. That's BTE for Nick as well, making Malichi the winner.

Private Party and Baking with Adam Cole

Another Private Party segment, probably the best filmed of all the segments on the show. Isaiah Cassidy is drinking in the backyard waiting for Mark Quen. When Quen arrives, they find another clue. It's the letter L written on  piece of paper. Quen takes it back to the lab for further investigation, but he's attacked by a teddy bear as soon as he exits the gate. Cassidy then hallucinates a lot until passing out, when he recalls a flashback to the team being attacked by the bear in a hotel room.

Hangman Page welcomes viewers to his house where he's baking sourdough bread. He legitimately walks everyone through breadmaking step by step, but the joke is he's not wearing any pants, so every time his lower half comes into view, it has to be censored. The other joke is he doesn't actually put any ingredients in the pan, and what he pulls out of the oven when done appears to be a store-bought, pre-sliced loaf. PAge freaks out after realizing he didn't disinfect the flour before cooking.

That's another episode of Being the Elite in the can. Watch the video for Being the Elite #202 below.


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