Victory Road Results: Josh Alexander Wins a 4-Way Half-Tag Match

Bleeding Cool's live results and analysis of Impact Wrestling's Victory Road special continues, as fast as we can keep up with it. We're getting into the

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton come out first. Then The North. The Good Brothers come out, and they have big tall cans of their own beer (or, more accurately, labels that are probably pasted on top of some cans of Steel Reserve). The Motor City Machine Guns come out next, and it's time for the seventh match of Victory Road.

Ace Austin, Karl Anderson, Josh Alexander, and Alex Shelley faced off in a four-way match at Victory Road.
Ace Austin, Karl Anderson, Josh Alexander, and Alex Shelley faced off in a four-way match at Victory Road.

Victory Road Results Part 7 – Ace Austin vs. Josh Alexander vs. Karl Anderson vs. Alex Shelley

  •  The story here is… well, it's a long one. The North held the championships for a year before losing to the Motor City Machine Guns, in a surprise return, at Slammiversary. The Good Brothers also debuted at that PPV, as tweeners, and obviously, they view themselves as big stars who deserve a shot at the belts. Meanwhile, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton teamed up with The North to face the Machine Guns and the Rascals on Impact recently, and Austin got the pin. That got him thinking he and Fulton deserve a shot, which didn't sit well with The North. Long story short, all four will fight at Bound for Glory, so this is basically just an exhibition match with one man from each team competing in a singles 4-way to build to the PPV.
  • The match is a tag format, which is to say, only two men can be in the ring simultaneously, and anyone can tag in anyone else. That's a weird format because why would you tag your teammate in? Of course, Josh Matthews says he likes this kind of match. Of course, he does.
  • When the ref gets accidentally knocked out, all four men's tag partners, who are at ringside, get involved, and the whole thing devolves into a brawl. That brawl spills outside, and then Fulton gorilla presses Austin and is about to toss him into the crowd… but the ref interrupts. He ejects all four non-participants from the ringside area. Security escorts them out, and the match gets started again.
  • Alexander gets the pin on Alex Shelley, though the format of this match means no one really looked bad.

After the match, Tommy Dreamer talks to Brian Myers, who beat him earlier tonight in the first half of Victory Road. He talks him up and thanks him for the match. He offers his hand, but Myers refuses. He says he doesn't respect Tommy. He's not the kid Tommy hired. He's better than Tommy ever was in his career. In the ring earlier, he thought he might see the Innovator of Violence, but instead, he got just some sad, old, tired man. Dreamer gets in his face: "Maybe you'll see the innovator of violence on Tuesday!"

Impact knows this is a paid show, right? Ah well. Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool as we continue to bring you live results and analysis from Victory Road.

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