Victory Road Results – Technical Difficulties Spoil Rascalz vs. XXXL

Impact Wrestling's Victory Road event airs tonight, October 3rd, as an Impact Plus special and PPV event. Available to watch for free for Impact subscribers and for $9.99 on Fite TV, tonight's event features several championship matches and grudge matches leading up to the Bound for Glory PPV, happening later this month.

But if you missed it, or you're some kind of a cheapskate, or maybe you're a secret longtime TNA plan and are in the hospital tonight and unable to use your Impact Plus membership (Mr. President), we've got you covered. Here in Bleeding Cool's live Victory Road coverage, we'll be publishing results and analysis all night long because… look, it's a global pandemic out there, what better things do we have to do on a Saturday Night?

The logo for Impact Wrestling's Victory Road quasi-PPV.
The logo for Impact Wrestling's Victory Road quasi-PPV.

Impact Wrestling Victory Road 2020 Results Part 1

After a video package promoting the night's card, Josh Matthews welcomes us to "the final major exit on the road to Bound for Glory." David Penzer introduces the Rascalz, Dez, and Wentz. Madison Rayne is on commentary as well. The show is taking place at Skyway Studios in Nashville, the same set as Impact's weekly TV show, but with a much yellower LED display at the top of the stage. XXXL, Acey Romero and Larry D come to the ring, and we have ourselves a match.

The Rascalz vs. XXXL

  • Immediately when the match starts, my feed starts having major problems. Lots of frame drops, creating a sort of stop motion effect. Not good. I'm watching on Fite TV. Restarting doesn't help.
  • Okay, it looks like this is Impact's problem. Lots of people complaining on Twitter about the lag.
  • Well, this is super distracting. The story in the match (there wasn't any real build toward it) is basic: the speed and acrobatics of the Rascalz vs. the size and power of XXXL. Dez takes a stop-motion beating for a while until Wentz gets a tag and puts some punishment on Larry D. Or at least, I think he does. It's really hard to tell at approximately 2 FPS.
  • XXL soon regains control, and it's Dez who gets the hot tag and the win with the Final Flash. AT least, I think so.

Okay, that match may have been good, but it was a mess. I don't know what's going on. Josh Matthews and Madison Rayne are talking now, and the feed seems better, so it's something to do with the feed in the ring. People on Twitter are pretty pissed. Just as the second match is starting, the feed goes dead with a "no signal from the venue" message. Then it restarts from Matthews and Rayne, so hopefully, they've got this solved? We'll see you soon. Check back soon on the front page of Bleeding Cool for the next part of our Victory Road live coverage.

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