'The Walking Dead' Supply Drop: A Gift That Kept on Giving [REVIEW]

Bleeding Cool is back with our second review The Walking Dead Supply Drop box (for a look back on our thoughts on the previous box, check out our review here), and let just cut to the chase before we look at the individual items: this is as impressive a subscription box as the first one we received, and has proven itself yet again to be a treat every fan of the long-running AMC series should include in their geek budgets… so keep your crossbow sights set for the upcoming March box.

Here's a little origin story for The Walking Dead Supply Drop box: delivered four times per year (March, June, September and December) at a cost of $49.95 (plus shipping and applicable taxes), every box includes an exclusive The Walking Dead t-shirt as well as other collectibles aimed at the more discerning The Walking Dead fan.

So here's what was waiting for us inside…

Daryl Dixon Winged Hoodie / TWD Knitted Beanie

Wow! The hoodie alone was worth my surprise: the wings on the back, the logo on the front (sorry, going to have to trust me on that one) and famous "Fight the Dead, Fear the Living" phrase on the sleeve all combined for a quality upgrade to a t-shirt. In case you wondering? It's warm. As for the beanie, the biggest compliment I can give it is that my "inner broken hipster writer" persona actually broke into a Joker-like smile when I tried it on (though the red and green ones were pretty sweet, too) – and again, it's warm. So in the middle of winter, I have a hoodie and hat that are both functional and fanboy/fangirl without being cheesy – impressive start.

The Walking Dead Art Print

This limited-edition print from Tracie Ching may look great above, but it's even more impressive when you're holding it in front of you. Overall, I'm a big fan of these size prints: makes it easier from a framing standpoint – and a print like Ching's is more than deserving of framing.

Carol & Ezekiel Pin Palz

First thing I thought when I saw this was how much I didn't want them taken out of the packaging: as much as I love the way the pins look, the blister card's artwork really makes for a sweet scene with the way we're able to compare the characters to the pin counterparts. Best compliment I can give the pins? My roomie is a pin collector/eventual intervention-needer and she wasted no time laying claim to them the moment they left the box.

Walker Wrap / Art of Peace Prop Replica Book & Bookmark

Again, I refer to my rommie when it comes to the walker wrapping paper: after listing off all of the things she could do with the paper artistically, she was the proud new owner. As for the mini copy of Morihei Uesshiba's The Art of Peace, well we couldn't help but lower our fighting staffs to half-staff in loving memory of Morgan (Lennie James) – who shuffled off the TWD coil to join the ranks of Fear the Walking Dead (a welcome addition). Another example of the type of item that means a little more to because it's more focused on the fandom – and that inscription inside was a particularly nice touch.

walking dead supply drop

For more information and to join The Walking Dead Supply Drop subscription service, check out their website here.

Image Credit: Ale Bodden

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