Werewolf By Night Special: Giacchino Confirms Directing, Offers Update

While we haven't exactly been lacking in quality programming coming from Marvel Studios & Disney+ (for example, Ms. Marvel), the studio and streamer's still-untitled Halloween special is one of those things that's showing up more on our radar now that it's only a few months away. We've heard that Gael Garcia Bernal (Old, Station Eleven) would be taking on the lead role and that the special would be introducing Werewolf by Night (though not the title) to the MCU. Then we heard that Laura Donnelly (HBO's The Nevers, STARZ's Outlander) had joined the project (though the special's plot and character details were still being kept under wraps). That brought us to March of this year when news hit that Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino (The Batman, Thor: Love and Thunder) was directing the special. Well, when it comes to Giacchino we can actually confirm that news- thanks to Giacchino.

werewolf by night
Image: Marvel Comics

Speaking exclusively with ComicBook.com, Giacchino not only confirmed that he's helming the special but also how excited he is about the project."I've been having a blast. It's an incredibly challenging process. I love it. Everyday, I've been having fun working on it and we're in the middle of it," Giacchino revealed. "Hopefully, very soon we'll share a lot more about it. Yeah. There's not much I can't say other than I'm having a good time and I am working on something that I love. So, that's a win-win right there."

While details on the special are under wraps and reps from Marvel Studios & Disney aren't talking, reports are that the special could introduce "Werewolf by Night" to the MCU via Bernal's character- and if that's the case, then there are two versions to consider. In 1972's Marvel Spotlight #2, Jack Russell and his family's history of lycanthropy were first introduced- with Russell using his powers to fight big bads. Now let's flash ahead nearly 50 years (47, to be precise) to Werewolf by Night (Vol. 3) #1, which introduced the Taboo, Scot Eaton & Benjamin Jackendoff-created Jake Gomez. Gomez is a descendant of the Native American tribe Hopi that was cursed with lycanthropy. As for Donnelly, the speculation is that she could either be a new character or Nina Price. for those not familiar with the comics, Price is Russell's niece who not only carried the Lycan gene but was also bitten by a vampire- turning her into Vampire by Night.

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