WrestleMania 37 Ends With Reigns Playing Jenga With Edge & Bryan

WrestleMania 37 night two has already brought some fan-favorite moments – from Kevin Owens stunning Logan Paul (WHY WAS HE THERE?!) to Rhea Ripley pinning Asuka for the Raw Women's Title, but it is the long-awaited return of Edge to the Super Bowl of wrestling that has most viewers glued to the television in anticipation. In fact, it was ten years ago today that Edge made his tear-jerking announcement to the WWE universe that he was retiring due to a devastating neck injury. Following a relatively successful acting career, Edge returned to the squared circle at last year's Royal Rumble, much to the fans' delight.

Match Graphic for Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Edge for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 37 Night 2
Match Graphic for Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Edge for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 37 Night 2

been forcibly retired due to health concerns; Daniel Bryan was forced out of the ring due to copious brain injuries causing seizures, and Roman Reigns has defeated leukemia not once but twice.

Daniel Bryan entered the ring first, hoping to repeat his success from seven years ago and come home with the belt. He was followed quickly by Edge, who predictably got the biggest pop of the crowd so far and was the clear fan favorite of the night. Roman Reigns entered third after what seemed like a missed entrance cue, escorted by cousin Jey Uso and manager Paul Heyman. Strange camera angles making Reigns' entrance look like a video game aside; the Triple Threat Match clearly caused an electric and energetic response from the WrestleMania 37 live audience.

After an eternity of Reigns' ridiculously long entrance, the bell finally rang to announce the rules of the Triple Threat Match: no disqualifications, and the fight can only end via in-ring pinfall. Reigns dropped Bryan fairly quickly before turning on Edge, but the challenger recovered quickly in an attempt to get the upper hand on the current champion. Unfortunately for Bryan, Jey Uso was waiting ringside to take advantage of the no disqualifications and landed a devastating kick to his face. Smartly, Uso kept Edge and Bryan divided so Reigns could focus on either one opponent or another.

It was clear at this point that the challengers needed to either take out Reigns quickly or eliminate Jey Uso from the equation. Edge picked up on the necessary strategy first and slammed Reigns into the edge of the ring over and over again before slamming Jey Uso face-first into the steel stairs. Unfortunately, Edge took himself out for the time being as he landed back first onto the steps new to an incapacitated Jey Uso.

As officials escorted an injured Uso from the ring, Edge and Bryan stood face to face mid-ring as Reigns looked on at the possibility of losing his championship to one of the two men. Edge went for the first pin attempt of the match, but Bryan had enough energy to kick out despite a calamitous drop from the top turnbuckle. Reigns attempted to get the upper hand on Edge, but Bryan caught him by surprise and swept his legs out from under him before returning his attention to Edge. Edge managed to throw Bryan out of the ring into the clutches of a furious Reigns, who managed to momentarily indispose the high-flying challenger.

Now it was Reigns' turn to take a run at Edge in the middle of the square circle, but the Rated R superstar would not be taken out so easily by the Head of the Table. As each man took the other to the mat, Reigns seemed to rally enough to go for a spear on Edge, but he was quickly sidelined by his agility to move out of the way. It seemed as if it would be over for Reigns and Edge after each man were nearly knocked out by simultaneous spear attempts, and Daniel Bryan was quick to enter the ring, hoping to a pin attempt on the current champion would end the fight once and for all. Reigns had enough fight left in him to kick out, but Bryan ignited the fury of the Yes movement and traded kicks between the two opponents, much to the delight of the WrestleMania 37 crowd.

Near fall after fall, it seemed as if Bryan could not keep the Head of the Table down. In a punishing move, Bryan stomped Reigns over and over again before catching him in a painful Yes Lock. Paul Heyman clutched his hypothetical pearls as the end was nearly in sight, but Edge refused to be taken out of the running just yet and ended the hold before Reigns had the chance to tap out.

Furious, Bryan caught Edge in a Yes Lock, but Reigns stepped in just as the Rated R Superstar had done and ended the lock before a tap out could occur. It seemed personal as Reigns hammered his fist down on Bryan, only to then pick him up and drop him like a hammer on Edge. Reigns caught his breath as Edge and Bryan writhed in pain, but it wasn't until the WrestleMania 37 chanted "ROMAN SUCKS" did the current reigning champion decided to utilize the punishing stairs against his opponents.

His rage fully ignited; Roman climbed the stairs with a helpless Bryan caught in his grip before slamming the Yes Man onto the announcer table, cleanly breaking the legs clean off of it. However, ever an opportunist, Edge speared Reigns off the high ground in a move that would make Jeff Hardy wince at a painful reminder of the superstar's wrath. Edge attempted to catch Reigns off guard yet again with a steel chair, but Roman Reigns refused to be the victim twice in a row. Edge instead caught Reigns in a punishing face lock in a move clearly taken out of Bryan's book. Edge retrieved a broken piece of the chair as Roman moaned in pain and forced it into the current reigning's mouth.

Just before Reigns could tap, Daniel Bryan INTERCEPTED HIS HAND BEFORE IT HIT THE RING and tried to force his own Yes Lock on the Head of the Table. When Edge refused to relent, Bryan beat him away from Reigns before stomping mercilessly on his surgically fused neck. Poised in the corner, Bryan pointed both his fingers to the sky over and over again as the WrestleMania 37 crowd chanted "Yes!" but was intercepted by a well-timed spear from Edge.

In a double whammy, Edge intercepted Reigns with another spear, but before he could complete the pin, Bryan ripped the official out of the ring by his ankles. In a double-fisted chair wielding fists of fury spectacle, Edge looked to be a man possessed. He slammed the chair down of Reigns and Bryan again and again, looking unhinged and crazed as the crowd counted out the blows one by one. Methodically placing each steel chair under his opponents' heads, Edge brought his own chair down on Bryan's skull as Paul Heyman screamed in terror. Before Edge could get a hit on Reigns, Jey Uso once again entered the match and interfered before he could deliver the same punishing blows against Reigns.

It was exactly the window Reigns needed, using Jey's interference to take Edge by surprise and lay him out with a spear. As Roman dragged a now immobilized Edge to Daniel Bryan, the WrestleMania 37 fans booed as he pinned the two men at the same to win the match and retain his Universal Championship Belt. At this point, Vince may as well cut the belt in half and give Jey Uso part of the title since Roman clearly cannot hold onto it without him.

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