WWE Counters AEW Parking Lot Brawl With Smackdown Samoan Street Fight

Yesterday's AEW Dynamite main event featured a Parking Lot Brawl between the Best Friends and Proud and Powerful, and the match received widespread acclaim from fans, critics, and industry professionals. AEW announcer Jim Ross even called it the greatest Street Fight he's ever called, and he called the street fight between Mick Foley and Triple H at the 2000 Royal Rumble. And to add insult to injury, Dynamite murdered NXT in the ratings with that main event. Well, WWE isn't about to let that kind of challenge from its biggest competitor go unanswered. So they've just announced a Samoan Street Fight to take place on this Friday's episode of WWE Smackdown between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso against Sheamus and The Ratings King of Friday Nights himself, Baron Corbin.

The official logo for WWE Friday Night Smackdown.
The official logo for WWE Friday Night Smackdown.

Here's what WWE.com's press release has to say about it:

The Bloodline will be back at it as Roman Reigns & Jey Uso battle Sheamus & King Corbin in a Samoan Street Fight this Friday on SmackDown.

As first reported by Sports Illustrated, the rematch has been set as Reigns & Uso will once again team up before their Universal Championship showdown at WWE Clash of Champions.

The Superstar cousins united last week against The Celtic Warrior & Corbin with Uso doing much of the heavy lifting. Uso showed grit in fighting off the attacks of both towering Superstars as The Big Dog laid in wait backstage. Reigns' music helped slow down the onslaught from Sheamus & Corbin, as The Big Dog's entrance allowed Uso to regroup.

A high-flying splash from Uso on Sheamus all but sealed the victory, but the Universal Champion cunningly tagged himself in to provide the exclamation point. Reigns then delivered a punishing Spear to The Celtic Warrior to secure the win. It wasn't all smiles after the triumph, as the two cousins traded tenses glares while Uso attempted to raise their hands in victory.

Will Reigns use the help of Uso to "Wreck Everyone and Leave" once again? Or will Sheamus & King Corbin be able to capitalize on any friction lingering between the cousins?

Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown at 8/7 C on FOX to catch the Samoan Street Fight.

Now, this is what I'm talking about! The Chadster didn't watch ECW back in the day, but I have seen a lot of hardcore matches in WWE in my time, and I know that the Parking Lot Brawl last night wasn't anything like a hardcore match is supposed to be. Where were the soft, flimsy garbage cans? Where were the baking trays made out of aluminum foil? What about the breakaway tables and kendo sticks? Where was the wrestling ring?! I'm sure that WWE will show AEW how it's done on Friday when The Big Dog meets the Ratings King of Friday Nights.

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