WWE NXT TakeOver In Your House Results: Keith Lee vs Johnny Gargano

WWE NXT TakeOver In Your House keep up the action in the third match of the night, as the newly heel Johnny Gargano takes on Keith Lee for the North American title. This is your classic David vs Goliath match-up, The build-up to this one has been fun, as are the entrances. Gargano blew kisses at a picture of WWE's own Dok Hendrix on his way to the ring, before locking the door and kissing the key and putting it in his trunks for later. Remember, he stabbed Lee in the eye with a key this past Wednesday. No Candice at ringside to start either. Lee looks angry as he walks to the ring. Keith Lee is wearing trucks that say "Black Lives Matter" on the back.

Johnny Gargano takes on Keith Lee for the North American title at NXT TakeOver In Your House (Image: WWE).
Johnny Gargano takes on Keith Lee for the North American title at NXT TakeOver In Your House (Image: WWE).

WWE NXT North American Title Match

Match starts with a feeling out process Lee throws Johnny around the ring a bit. Lee showing off his athleticism as well with a springboard kick and just manhandling Gargano all over the ring. Some really solid action on the outside as Johnny goes for multiple dives, each time getting caught by Lee. Gargano tries escaping to the back, with lee giving chase. He slams Gargano into the front door and tosses him back towards the ring. Once back in, Gargano attacks Keith Lee's injured hand.

Lee continues to try to get in offense, but his hand prevents it from having an impact, which allows the WWE NXT vet to gain the upper hand. After some sloppy knees in the corner, Gargano bends Lee's fingers around the turnbuckle in a most painful looking way. Gargano is doing a great job exploiting the eye and hand he injured on Wednesday. Lee is really selling the eye now, and Johnny is keeping Lee on the ground. WWE wrestlers in the crowd are giving it to Gargano. Lee starts making his comeback and hits a huge backbreaker for a two count.

Some serious back and forth commences, as Johnny hits multiple blows compared to the single ham hocks Lee lands. Lee gives up his arm in a standing armbar, and Lee continues deadlifting Gargano with one arm! Both men seem spent. These two just keep hitting counter after counter, two counts galore. Superkick by Gargano, huge press slam by Lee as Johnny rolls to the outside. Lee follows, and Gargano rolls back in and hits a tornado DDT on the outside.

Johnny breaks the ref's 10 count, and as he comes back outside Lee charges and bodychecks Gargano through the plexiglass barrier. Lee is dragging Johnny by the arm back to the ring. Candace shows up, followed by Yim. It is chaos in the ring, as Johnny grabs the key out of his trunks and jabs it into Lee's eye. He hits One Final Beat for the close two count. Gargano can't believe it. He hits the superkick for another two count. Another, and another kick out. And yet another. Amazing stuff right here. Lee hits a huge powerbomb. Lee is coming back. Big Bang Catastrophe for the three count.

What a great match. These two have fantastic chemistry together, and hopefully, this is not the end of the rivalry.

Winner, and still WWE NXT North American Champion: Keith Lee

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