WWE RAW Review: An Irresistible Night of Returns and Debuts

The Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania is always a big deal for the WWE. We celebrate the victories of newly-crowned champions, and we also welcome new superstars to the show. Last year, we celebrated "Two Belts" Becky Lynch's win; this year, it's Drew McIntyre's Universal Championship win. Of course, we have to mention that this year's WrestleMania is nothing like what we've seen before. This year's event was pre-tapped and spread over two days, with the biggest difference being that there was no audience. This week's edition was taped in advance, but that doesn't mean it was any less entertaining. While each match and promo was a nice way to wrap up what happened the previous two nights, there were two surprises I was extremely excited about and it all started with the EST of NXT, Bianca Belair.

As The Street Profits look on, Bianca Belair presses Zelina Vega over her head on Raw, courtesy of WWE.
As The Street Profits look on, Bianca Belair presses Zelina Vega over her head on Raw, courtesy of WWE.

After coming for Zelina Vega the night before at WrestleMania 36, Belair came back out tonight to fight off the cunning Vega. For the past two nights, Vega attacked The Street Profits mid-match. Keep in mind that Belair's husband, Montez Ford, is a part of the said tag team match. When Belair came out during WrestleMania, I had a feeling we'd see her on RAW and sure enough, Belair made her ETS debut on the flagship show. If you're not familiar with Belair, now is a great time to go back and watch her NXT matches. She's a very talented in-ring performer, but she's also a master on the mic. Her promos are dripping with pure confidence and attitude. While her current beef with Vega will be fun, I hope Belair gets a shot at the RAW Women's Championship. She has the 'it' factor that not many people have.

Last night also re-introduced "The Irresistible Force," Nia Jax. Jax has been gone for a year due to knee surgery, but last night she came back with all the attitude and ferociousness we've come to love and expect. She made quick work of her opponent, and if we're lucky we'll see Jax push her way to the top once again. I still think she could easily go against many of the men on Monday Night RAW, but I don't know if WWE is ready for intergender wrestling on a regular basis. Overall, I enjoyed last night's RAW: while the future is uncertain for all of us (including wrestling), at least WWE gave us a solid few days of wrestling.

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