WWE's Renee Young Has Confirmed That She Has COVID-19

WWE's Renee Young has COVID-19, she revealed on Twitter today. Young's announcement comes after news broke earlier today that at least three more people present at WWE's most recent set of television tapings had tested positive for COVID-19. Young's husband, Jon Moxley, also dropped out of tonight's episode of AEW Dynamite due to possible contact with the disease.

"Man. What a few days," Young tweeted. "My show gets cancelled and I get Covid. Wear your masks and wash your hands. Stay safe, everyone ❤️"

WWE's Renee Young doing commentary for Monday Night Raw
WWE's Renee Young doing commentary for Monday Night Raw

Though the pro wrestling business has escaped relatively unscathed so far from the coronavirus pandemic despite continue to produce shows during the event, that time could be coming to an end as the outbreak in Florida ramps up. Florida is a significant hotspot right now, and some states, including New York and Connecticut, are placing travel restrictions on people coming from there, which could affect the ability of WWE and AEW to bring talent in for tapings. But WWE may already be far past that point now that some of their biggest stars like Young are contracting COVID.

Over at PWInsider, Mike Johnson reported that at least one source said the situation could be much more serious than portrayed so far, with up to two dozen cases. However, Johnson notes that figure is not verified, but even if it is only three, at what point does WWE need to decide to put the health of their talent and crew ahead of their television contract?

As it stands, WWE is reportedly planning to go ahead with tapings, which begin again on Friday. Up until last week, WWE hadn't even been testing people at the tapings, relying instead on temperature checks. They also began letting a select group of fans into the shows. We can only hope that Renee Young and anyone else affected in WWE remains safe and recovers from the disease.

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