Yasuke: East Meets West Goes Behind the Scenes of Netflix Anime

In honor of the release of anime Yasuke, Netflix drops a stunning behind-the-scenes featurette "Yasuke: East Meets West" on YouTube, a combination of beautiful visuals, sounds, and the promise of a good story waiting to be told. In the video, the minds behind the project's story, visuals, and music discuss the story, the process, as well as their goals and experience while creating this anime.

Image: Netflix

The original net animation Yasuke was created and directed by LeSean Thomas, animated by Studio MAPPA (Jujutsu Kaisen, Kakegurui,  Yuri!!! on Ice…), scored by Flying Lotus, and designed by Takeshi Koike. In the video, some of the creators discussed the process of bringing the animation to life; they stated voices were recorded in English first to match the movement of the characters' mouth as close as possible. We also get some input from the star behind Yasuke's voice, LaKeith Stanfield, who gave some background on the character and adding sometimes one gets lucky and gets to play a character that mirrors your experience of surpassing one's own expectations internally by "tapping into your past and finding ways to get over things that held you back."

When talking about the design aspect Thomas mentions, "It's so great. There is so much more than what I thought". Koike added since it was based on a real even at its core, more or less of a period piece with robots as well as mutants; so it needed a touch of reality to its characters "but I didn't want to limit their emotions by overdoing it. I create each character paying attention to the details that show their personality". He also mentioned he was immediately drawn in and was specifically picked for this task. The attention to detail on the animation seems exceptional, as Thomas pointed out: they made sure to take some steps that you barely see, like coloring in the palms in a lighter tone as well as the characters' nails.

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