Yellowjackets Season 1 E02 Review: Can Someone Get Misty Some Friends?

The second episode of Showtime's Yellowjackets had me shocked, mouth hanging open, in a state of "they went there" and excitement for what was to happen next. Turn back now if you haven't watched this episode because major spoilers for "F Sharp" will be difficult to not give away so consider this more than fair warning.

Yellowjackets Episode 2 Review: Wicked Truths & Silly Lies
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If I told you that you see a woman running while on fire, a leg looking like a melted doll limb, sinister shit involving the plane's flight recording box, and plenty of other things mysteriously shady things going down in this episode you'd be concerned but hopefully intrigued. This episode of Yellowjackets offers insight into what went down during and post-crash while also flashing forward to the present day in the women's lives. The character of Misty, including the acting work of the teen and adult versions (Samantha Hanratty and Christina Ricci), is fantastic. The ups and downs I went through watching Misty, from feeling sorry for her to deep concern over her manipulative side, kept me glued to the screen. While Misty may have been a saving grace, with her first aid knowledge and all, she is proving to also be a secret threat both past and present. The themes of struggling to connect and dealing with trauma are explored in interesting ways, from Shauna's absent intimacy with her husband to Taissa's struggle to balance her son's odd behavior and a political future.

Subtle yet fascinating, a way to describe the drops of exposition and treats for the detailed viewer, Yellowjackets takes care of how the story unfolds but they don't hold my hand in any condescending way. We get introduced to people like Kevin, Natalie's old best friend, through legitimate ways when she visits town and talks at a bar with Misty. Intentions of characters twist and turn in such unexpected ways, I loved that the most. The other part of this episode I found to be so well done was the mannerisms matching so well between the teen and adult versions of characters, especially Misty (ex: the way she adjusts her glasses). Without that piece of their personalities and characteristics being pulled forward with them in present-day scenes, Yellowjackets would have a hard time keeping me interested. Finishing this episode, particularly with that insane last scene, I actually wanted to jump into the next one because I needed to follow their story further. Watching this, I got a familiar feeling that I've gotten when watching some drama unfold on Tik Tok or in public spaces because it's interesting and shocking to see behavior go sideways in others. Here I am, hoping that my aunt doesn't serve any type of soup while I visit over the holidays coming up.

Yellowjackets Season 1 Episode 2 "F Sharp"

Yellowjackets Episode 2 Review: Wicked Truths & Silly Lies
Review by Brittney Bender

The second episode of Showtime's Yellowjackets uses incredible detail to guide the audience along a path of drama, horror, and mystery in a unique and compelling way- giving equal time to the mysteries of the past & the present.


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