Which One Of These 3 New Marvel Legacy 1,000,000 BC Avengers Teasers Is Fake? U-Decide!

Excelsior, true believers! Marvel Comics has bestowed on us today the final two teasers introducing the 1,000,000 BC Avengers, pre-historic characters that will appear for the first time ever in Marvel's industry-changing Marvel Legacy one-shot this September by Jason Aaron and Esad Ribic.

For the comic book media, whose sole desire is to receive the missives of PR departments at major comic book publishers and dutifully repost them as "news," the end of a series of teasers is a sad occasion indeed. So we thought to ourselves: why does it have to end?! If Marvel won't provide us any more low-effort content in the form of Marvel Legacy 1,000,000 BC Avengers teasers, then we'll just make our own EXCLUSIVE ones!

That's why, unlike some lesser comic book websites who only have two new teasers for the 1,000,000 BC Avengers today, Bleeding Cool has three teasers. Yes, one of them isn't real, but this is comic book journalism. Does that really matter?

Check out the teasers below, and let us know which two you think are the real ones in the comments, and be sure to share this with your friends on social media.

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