All Might Is Victorious with New BoxLunch Funko Pop [Review]

All Might has made his way back into our hearts as My Hero Academia makes its way through its fourth season. We have seen some great collectibles to come out from the series and as of lately Funko is really taking the cake this year. With a new great wave of Funko Pop Vinyls, we have seen three new All Might figures come out. Now we can add a fourth to the list as BoxLunch got a special glow in the dark Weakened All Might Pop figure from the aftermath of the All for One battle. So let's dive into the figure and see if it's worth your collectibles shelf with this review.

Right off the bat, the box is quite similar to the rest of the series. Pictures of the characters are on the front and the side, with the new wave of characters on the back. The BoxLunch sticker does tell us that this will be a glow in the dark figure too.

Now onto All Might! We have seen a weakened version of him before but he was in his civilian clothes. This time he is also showing signs of All for One as his power slowly drains away. This All Might is seemingly from the battle against One for All in My Hero Academia Season 3. The paint on this Pop figure is quite amazing as you can see all the little details on him. I do like how they gave his a strengthened arm as he did in the show.

The Funko team must have some fans on their side to give us a great figure like this. They really put a lot of detail into this figure to give us a faithful tribute to the one and only All Might. The Glow in the Dark feature is a nice touch too. All Might's eyes, hair, and teeth all glow pretty brightly too. His eyes glow blue, his teeth glow white, and his hair glows orange/ yellow. The pictures do not give the glow any justice either, unlike of Funko Pops that glow this one is one stay lite for awhile.

The BoxLunch Exclusive Glow in the Dark All Might Figure is a perfect exclusive figure for a retailer to get. It is a must have Funko Pop Vinyl for any fan of My Hero Academia and would make a great addition to any collectors collection. They are currently out of stock on the BoxLunch website but they restock quite often or try your unluck in stores. Stay Tuned here at Bleeding Cool for other Funko Pop Reviews that we have coming soon like Umbrella Academy, Steve Irwin and Stranger Things figures.

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