Batman: Death of the Family Joker Coming Soon from McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys has been under a lot of scrutiny lately as Todd McFarlane's interesting interview answers. Fans can read about that here, with the just of it is about female superheroes don't sell. I think this is a very old way of thinking as I would love to get more ladies of DC Comics. Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman are seemingly only present in the DC Multiverse line, but if you're telling me a whole wave of iconic DC Comics heroes and villains wouldn't sell, you're wrong. Give me a line with Supergirl, Punchline, Poison Ivy, Catwoman (Comic Version), and Zatanna and I bet they will fly off the shelves. Hell, put a crazy Build-A-Figure in the set to give fans more of an incentive if you feel so strongly about it. When all is said and done McFarlane Toys is the only one dishing out DC Comics figures, and they have even teased another Joker. 

"The ugly truth of it is, Batssss is that you love me more than them. You know it, I know it, and now they know it. – The Joker from Batman: Death of the Family is COMING SOON!"

This Joker comes to us from Batman: Death of the Family after the crazed clown takes the fight to the whole bat-family. This version of the Clown Prince of Crime is pretty dark and features a surgically removed face. Joker did this to show that the Bat-family only who they were with their masks on, but the Joker will also be the Joker. Loaded with detail, this figure looks incredible, and he will be a perfect addition to your Batman collection. Walmart has a Gold Label Exclusive version of this figure with an axe, so it looks like he is now getting a wide release. It is unclear what this version will come with, so stay tuned for more info when he finally goes up for pre-order. Be sure to check out all of the other DC Multiverse figures coming soon from McFarlane Toys here.

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