World of Warcraft Illidan Stormrage Metallic Funko Lands from Blizzard

The Blizzard Gear Fest is here and is packed with a huge assortment of collectible and apparel for fans of all their franchises. to celebrate the event, Blizzard released four exclusive Funko Pop vinyls. Three of which were special metallic versions of iconic World of Warcraft characters. Originally released in 2014, Murloc, Lady Slyvanas, and Illidan Stormrage are back with this new re-released featuring new shiny designs. Blizzard was kind enough to send us over one of their Metallic Illidan Funko Pop vinyls to show off to you guys and girls. So let's dive into the World of Warcraft with this special edition Funko Pop unboxing and review.

The Funko Pop box is pretty simple, with the classic World of Warcraft logo at the top and a blue box design. The window packaging will also feature the silver Funko Blizzard Exclusive sticker. The Illidan Stormrage Pop does feature that classic Funko design that original fans fell in love with back in the day. It is nice to see the return of these designs as Blizzard Gear Fest Exclusives. Not only are they paying tribute to one of the biggest MMORPG games of all time but to a great part of Funko history.

The Illidan Funko Pop color really just pops, and that purple metallic shine is something else. The green and purple color combo are very well done as well, giving fans a nice collectible for an amazing World of Warcraft character. Funko captures his design perfectly in Pop form with horns, weapons, physique, and design. World of Warcraft fans will not want to miss out on this limited edition Funko Pop that is exclusive to the Blizzard Gear Shop. Fans can still find him online for only $14.99 and can be found located here. This will be a great collectible for any World of Warcraft fan this holiday. Makes sure you check out some of the other amazing collectibles and apparel also offered from Blizzard.

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