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Blizzard Reveals "World Of Warcraft" 2020 Esports Events

Blizzard Reveals Updated Arena World Championship 2020 Plans

Blizzard has released an updated set of plans for the Arena World Championship 2020, which will be done completely online. Like a lot of esports organizations, the staff was forced to take things remotely after COVID-19 put a stop to everything. Which includes the AWC Battle for Azeroth season being held entirely online. According to […]

World of Warcraft Sylvanas Windrunner Figure from Beast Kingdom

World of Warcraft Sylvanas Goes Dynamic with Beast Kingdom

Beast Kingdom has unveiled another addition to its growing Dynamic 8ction Heroes line. We are going digital this time as World of Warcraft Ranger-General Slyvanas Windrunner arrives. This 1/9th scale figure is highly detailed and is quite articulated. She will have 24 articulated points to achieve a realistic recreation of her in game character. As […]

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Small World Of Warcraft Crossover Board Game Coming This Summer

Days of Wonder, the board game company credited with creating Ticket To Ride, has announced the official release of Small World of Warcraft, a crossover game with Blizzard Entertainment, a video game company known for Overwatch, Diablo and, of course, the Warcraft series. Small World of Warcraft was previewed at BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard's official annual […]

World of Warcraft Classic Zul'Gurub

Blizzard Adds Zul'Gurub To World Of Warcraft Classic

Blizzard revealed a new addition to World Of Warcraft Classic this week as players can now head to the ancient troll city of Zul'Gurub. The latest content takes players back to one of the more memorable missions in the game, they have resorted the intense20-player raid complete with a slew of new rare and epic […]

World Of Warcraft Shadows Rising Promo

World Of Warcraft: Shadows Rising Book Cover Is Revealed

Today, Blizzard Entertainment and Penguin Random House revealed the cover for the upcoming novel World Of Warcraft: Shadows Rising. The book has been in the works for a minute now as this prequel has been written by author Madeleine Roux. World Of Warcraft: Shadows Rising is the next tale in the novel series, which takes […]

World Of Warcraft Burning Crusade Art

Blizzard Polls "World Of Warcraft Classic" About "The Burning Crusade"

If you had to pick an expansion pack to come to World Of Warcraft Classic, would you choose The Burning Crusade? Blizzard wants to know. According to several players on social media, the company has been sending out feeler surveys on The first of which asks you as to whether or not you'd be […]

“World of Warcraft” Comes to Life with Beast Kingdom Statues

"World of Warcraft" Comes to Life with Beast Kingdom Statues

It is always a pleasure to see your favorite video game characters come to life. We spend so much time building bonds and adventures with some of these characters its nice to have you bring them finally home. Beast Kingdom is going just that with two special World of Warcraft statues that are calling fans names. Sylvanas […]

Blizzard Reveals "World Of Warcraft" 2020 Esports Events

Blizzard Reveals "World Of Warcraft" 2020 Esports Events

This morning, Blizzard announced esports plans for World Of Warcraft, detailing the Arena World Championship & Mythic Dungeon International 2020. Now that the company is working with DreamHack for future events, the tournaments and their structure called for a revamp. So both the Arena World Championship (AWC) and Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) have been retooled […]

The Weirdest Things in Games That Heal Your Ails

The Weirdest Things in Games That Heal Your Ails

You already know (quite obviously) that looking to games for realism isn't exactly a great idea, but that sentiment is amplified tenfold when applied to in-game recovery items. While it's absolutely impossible to heal fatal wounds with a feather or patch yourself up by standing still long enough without taking additional damage, there are recovery […]

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BlizzCon 2019 Interview: Angela Sarafyan From "Westworld"

As we play a bit of catchup to our time at BlizzCon 2019, we had a chance to chat with actress Angela Sarafyan of Westworld fame at the event. Sarafyan is a huge World Of Warcraft fan and player, but this turned out to be her first time ever visiting BlizzCon. Not to mention the […]

"World of Warcraft: Shadowlands" Announced As Eighth Expansion

"World of Warcraft: Shadowlands" Announced As Eighth Expansion

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is the eighth expansion for the long-running MMORPG. It just made its debut today during BlizzCon 2019. Blizzard debuted a lengthy cinematic that showed off some very intriguing story beats, including an appearance by Bolvar Fordragon as well as Sylvanas Windrunner. After destroying the Lich King's helmet, Sylvanas has an exciting […]

"Hearthstone" Teases A "Battle For Azeroth" Event For BlizzCon

"Hearthstone" Teases A "Battle For Azeroth" Event For BlizzCon

When it comes to Hearthstone and World of Warcraft, the two may share a universe, but they don't tend to cross storylines too often. Sure, there are references ehere and there to things happening in each world, but for the most part, what happens in the card game is a small reflection of what happens […]

"Heroes Of The Storm" Adds Deathwing To The Roster

Heroes Of The Storm is about to get changed, and not for the better, depending on which side your own, as Deathwing arrives. You've seen his wrath in WoW and Hearthstone, now his wrath will be felt in a third title as he will be coming to the game before year's end. Deathwing will be […]

The Latest "World Of Warcraft" Dev Update Reveals Next Azeroth Chapter

Blizzard has posted the latest developer content update preview for World Of Warcraft, showing what's next on the horizon for the game. In the video, we get a look at the next chapter for Battle Of Azeroth as Visions of N'Zoth is shown off. We also are given a few details about what's next for […]

Blizzard Is Adding More Servers To "World Of Warcraft Classic"

"World Of Warcraft Classic" Caused A 223% Rise In Subscriptions

If you ever want proof that people love World Of Warcraft Classic, the numbers apparently speak well for themselves this week. According to SuperData, who measure subscription services across gaming, the game saw a 223% increase in subscriptions for the month of August. That isn't just people re-subscribing either, that's a major increase in the […]

"World Of Warcraft" Plagued With Second Day Of DDoS Attacks

"World Of Warcraft" Plagued With Second Day Of DDoS Attacks

Someone is apparently mad as hell at Blizzard as the World Of Warcraft servers have been taking DDoS attacks for two days straight. And it's not just regular 'ol WoW, the WoW Classic servers have been hit as well, causing multiple failures, timeouts, people being kicked, and exceedingly long wait times. The trouble started yesterday […]

"World of Warcraft: Classic" Had 1.1 Million Viewers on Twitch

Monday was launch day for World of Warcraft: Classic and the MMORPG set a new record for the highest launch-day concurrent viewership on Twitch, with livestreams of World of Warcraft reaching a peak concurrent viewership of more than 1.1 million unique viewers. This is a record launch day, but not an overall concurrent viewer record, […]


Blizzard is Suing Chinese Developer Sina Games for Ripping Off "Warcraft"

According to a recent report by Polygon, Blizzard Entertainment is suing Chinese game developer Sina Games. The lawsuit alleges that Sina Games' Glorious Saga is "almost entirely copied from the Warcraft games and related products." Blizzard is seeking maximum damages of $150,000 per infringed work and a court order to stop the copyright infringement. Blizzard also alleges that […]

Blizzard Is Adding More Servers To "World Of Warcraft Classic"

"World Of Warcraft Classic" Launches With A Jaunty Tune

World Of Warcraft Classic kicks off today, and while the lines to get into the servers are long and hourly, at least there's a song you can sing while you wait. As part of their launch, the team put together this jaunty tune to salute 15 years of the game. Plus a brand new announcement […]