Booster Gold and Blue Beetle 2-Pack Coming Soon to McFarlane Toys

Move over Batman and Robin; there is a new dynamic duo in town with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. This Super Friendship dates back to 1987's Justice League #4 as these heroes team up to take down the Royal Flush Gang. The heroes went on to do many more tea-ups together, only building up their relationship as some of the best bros in the DC Universe. Whether it is TV or the complicated history of the rewritten DC Comics Universe, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle find their way back to each other to save the day yet again. McFarlane Toys is bringing this legendary team to life as they announce a new DC Multiverse 2-Pack figure set! One image was teased for the duo showing off their more modern comic book suit that is exploding with blue and gold. 

"Blue Beetle & Booster Gold from Blue and Gold are joining the McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse lineup! Stay tuned; pre-orders coming soon…"

It is figure sets like this that really bring the focus back to McFarlane Toys DC Comics line, and I wish we would get more sets like this. I love Batman as much as everyone else, but this line is pretty saturated with nothing but Gotham City stories. It is time for a change, and your DC Comics collection is about to get a truly incredible upgrade with the arrival of these heroes. It is unclear what accessories will be included, and I wouldn't be surpassed if pre-orders arrive for Booster Gold and Blue Beetle this week. The DC Multiverse 2-Pack usually comes with a display stand and a couple of accessories, so maybe we will see some Blue & Gold equipment. Stay tuned for more info on the McFarlane Toys Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, and check out all the new Multiverse releases here. Bros Before Heroes. 

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