'Collection Complete' Takes a Look at Sean Clark's Michael Myers 'Halloween' Mask Collection!

A new episode of Gemr's Collection Complete puts the focus on horror collector Sean Clark. Clark hosts the popular series Horror's Hallowed Ground, which takes viewers around to shooting locations from popular franchises like Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and more. He has a massive, jaw-dropping collection of horror-related collectibles, but to this Michael Myers fan, the coolest pieces are his screen-used masks. There is a story behind each, and you can hear them by checking out the episode below!

A deep dive into his life-long fascination with horror, the latest episode (co-directed by Sean Decker, who created Collection Complete along with series producer Carlee Baker) focuses on not only Clark's acquisition of the iconic masks (which include those from Halloween III: Season of the Witch through Halloween: Resurrection), but also the creation of Clark's own original show, the popular film location docu-series Horror's Hallowed Grounds

'Collection Complete' Takes a Look at Sean Clark's Michael Myers 'Halloween' Mask Collection!

As a horror fan and collector, nothing is cooler than seeing other people's  collections and displays, hearing their stories about how they acquired pieces, and just geeking out over awesome memorabilia. Having met Clark briefly at various shows over the years, he is a good dude with a vast knowledge of all things horror. This is only part one of his episode, and I am excited to see what other Halloween stuff he may have in part two.

Check out the Gemr channel for more episodes here.

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