D23 Expo: We Discuss Licenses and the Creative Process with Loungefly

It is always eye-opening to see and hear what happens behind the scenes at collectibles companies. The creative process is fantastic, and it is something we never get to see, as we only witness the final product. However, Loungefly gave us an impressive narration on how they zero in on what they want to decide to make next. With so many properties under their belt, there is a lot to choose from, and their next choice is usually filled with passion. In the end, they are fans too and this is a company they are passionate about and what to make sure everyone has something to wear to show off their fandom. If you want to discover what Loungefly has to offer you, then you can find their impressive catalog of bags, purses, and wallets here. We talked to Loungefly's Senior Vice President of Creative Innovation and Vision, Derrick Baca, and this is what he had to say.

How do you go about choosing what you want to adapt? I know that's such a vague question, but how do you zero in focus on something?

Derrick – "We want to make sure we're covering something for everyone, right? So we look at the history, we look at what we've done in Disney, what we've done in Marvel, what we've done in Star Wars. We look at what people have really liked what they didn't like. Then we look at new releases, we look at what's upcoming. We want to cover Loki Season 2, so we cover all those things. Then look at selling, we look at what fans are asking for. We try to like anniversaries so that we have enough Marvel and Star Wars coming out for everyone. I think it's kind of a mix of new things, trying new innovative ideas."

"But when it comes to actually concepting, we literally do sit and rewatch movies. It's very important when we start our concept process. We're about to go into Q4 2022 shortly. So we'll take a look at the old stuff, but we will it will be me (Derrick) and Liz because we're partners in real life, too, just so you know. So we will be on the couch, and we will be watching these movies, taking screenshots of the scenes."

"We have a great partnership with our licenses, like at Disney, which lets us redraw. Not many companies are allowed to do that. You have new style guides. They trust our artists. We actually have a lot of artists that work for Disney as well. So they can take that scene and exactly make it their stylization, but it's true to the story, and that's how I feel, especially with the Easter eggs. Right? We'll put it in the lining; that's something that you only would know as a part of that scene. Or we'll do innovation, like things will pop up out of places, lights up, moves, lenticular, where the scene shifts, all those types of things. But I really think it is also about who's working on the bag. So we have artists and designers on our team that are fans of everything. So I know there are specific people that will get so excited when they hear we're working on something because they're true fans. So that I know is the right person who is going to point out the right details that the fans are going to want and that's really important to us. I don't want anyone who doesn't understand the property working on the bank,  because the fans know if it's wrong, somebody spells wrong; something doesn't match, they're going to tell us real quick. Believe me, I know."

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