Fullmetal Alchemist Statues are Back from Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya has announced the re-release of two statues from the hit anime Fullmetal Alchemist. Two fan favorites are back and kicking off the returns is the Fullmetal Alchemist himself, Edward Elric. This 1/8th scale statue shows off a beautifully posed design with a tattered red cloak flowing in the wind. Edward is kneeling in the ground with a stern expression on his face. This Alchemist is ready for a fight and any anime fan will not want to miss out on this statue this time. Bringing in the heat next is Roy Mustang and this beloved Fullmetal Alchemist character isn't holding back this time and the statue shows it. With high amounts of detail in the tattered flag, transmutation circle, and the rising flames any fan can appreciate this piece. Both Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood statues from Kotobukiya are productions and set to release in May 2021. The Roy Mustang ArtFX J Statue is priced at $159.99 and can be found here and Edward Elric is a little cheaper at $119.99 and can be found here.

"Kotobukiya's ARTFX J lineup of classic anime character favorites is now back with Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood! This highly detailed 1/8 scale sculpt features a dynamic sense of movement with Edward's tattered red cloak swirling in an unseen breeze. Elric stands at around 15 cm tall as he kneels on the ground. With a dignified expression on his face, the figure perfectly brings to life the very moment Edward shows his true strength as an alchemist. (This item is a reproduction.)"

"Kotobukiya presents a 1/8 scale ARTFX J collectible statue of Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood! This highly detailed sculpt features a beautifully designed base with a tattered Amestris flag, transmutation circle, and a ruined wall with flames circling the base. The sharp yet slightly melancholc look on his face is reminiscent of the struggles Roy carries with him. (This item is a reproduction.)"

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