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Star Wars Captain Rex Joins Kotobukiya With New The Clone Wars Statue
Not long ago, Kotobukiya revealed their brand new Star Wars: The Clone Wars statue featuring Ahsoka Tano The statue showcased the Jedi on a half circle of a Star Cruiser base with a melted rim It looks like we have found the other half to that statue as Kotobukiya reveals their new Star Wars Captain[...]
Demon Slayer Insect Hashira Shinobu Kocho Comes to Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya has revealed another incredible ARTFX J statue, with the Insect Hashira making her debut, Shinobu Kocho. This 1/8th scale statue shows off this Demon Slayer using her Insect Breathing technique as she is displayed on a beautiful butterfly base With her appearance sculpted straight from the anime, Shinobu's beauty comes to life right before fans'[...]
Ahsoka Tano Joins Kotobukiya’s Star Wars ARTFX Statue
Bring home the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars as Kotobukiya reveals their newest ARTFX statue Standing roughly 9.5" tall, Ahsoka Tano is back and ready for action with her new, highly detailed statue The former Padawan returns as she prepares for her ultimate challenge during the Siege of Mandalore The Star Wars[...]
My Hero Academia Hawks Swoops In With New Kotobukiya Statue
Kotobukiya brings this new My Hero Academia hero to like with their newest ARTFX J statue Hawks is displayed in a nice action pose with his wings extended as he wields one of his feather swords. The details on this My Hero Academia statue are very well done, from the texture of his jacket to the[...]
My Hero Academia Deku Power Up With New Kotobukiya Statue
Kotobukiya has revealed that they are releasing a new Izuku Midoriya statue that captures not only his new costume but his new Shoot Style The statue is sculpted with bright colors, a fun dynamic design, great sculpt, and it is loaded with One For All Quirk lightning effects Each part of Deku's costume is faithfully[...]
My Little Pony Rarity Gets An Kotobukiya Bishoujo Upgrade
Kotobukiya is transporting a new My Little Pony into the real world once again with their newest release Rarity is back with a new limited edition release matching her My Little Pony: Equestria Girls appearance Keeping her skin tone similar to her pony look, Rarity's candy-like look and texture come to life like never before[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Wrecker Comes to Kotobukiya
Your favorite clones from Clone Force 99 are heading to Kotobukiya's ARTFX statue series Kicking things off first is Wrecker, who is bringing his explosive Star Wars personality to your growing collection Standing just over 10" tall, Wrecker is displayed in a simple pose but will come with interchangeable heads giving fans both helmeted and[...]
Kotobukiya Releases New Limited Edition Black Widow ARTFX Statue
Kotobukiya is even celebrating the launch of Black Widow by releasing a limited edition statue of their Marvel Universe Women of Marvel Black Widow ARTFX Premier Statue This version of the statue is getting an MCU update giving Natasha her new White Snow Suit costume straight from the new film The entire statue is given[...]
Wolverine (Laura Kinney) Pops Her Claws With Kotobukiya Bishoujo
Kotobukiya is back with another drop-dead gorgeous Marvel statue as part of their widely popular Bishouhjo collection This time the All-New Wolverine is back as X-23 takes over the mantle of Logan, as seen in Marvel Comics Standing at roughly 9.5" tall, Laura Kinney is showcased in her new blue and yellow costume as she[...]
Iron Man Blasts His Way Into Kotobukiya With New Marvel Fine Art Statue
Iron Man is bringing the battle to your shelves as Kotobukiya has revealed their newest Marvel Fine Art Series statue Standing roughly 16.5 inches tall, this invincible hero is ready to join Thor and Captain America in a dynamic action pose His class suit of armor returns and is beautifully detailed with an amazing sculpt[...]
Star Wars Becomes Adorable With Kotobukiya's New Ewok Statue
We return to the Forest Moon of Endor as Kotobukiya reveals their newest Star Wars ARTFX Artist Series statue The statue is titled The Little Rebels, and it captures the Battle of Endor from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi in adorable fashion A group of Ewok is taking on a Chicken Walker (AT-ST) and[...]
Star Wars: The Clones Wars Returns to Kotobukiya With Updated Re-Release
From stories of Clone Troopers to Jedi Knights, the series has it all, and Kotobukiya wants fans to continue to remember this amazing series The company has revealed that they will be re-releasing their Star Wars: The Clone Wars 1:10 scale statues Jedi Knights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are back once again, with their[...]
Behold, The Winged Dragon of Ra Arrives At Kotobukiya
The final Egyptian God Card has been summoned to the field as Kotobukiya reveals their next Yu-Gi-Oh statue The Winged Dragon of Ra stands roughly 12 inches with his golden body shining bright like the sun itself Kotobukiya captures this God's designs quite beautifully, from its meticulous design to its sharp golden claws Yu-Gi-Oh fans[...]
Seto Kaiba Summons Obelisk the Tormentor To Field With Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya is bringing these iconic Gods to live with their newest set of statues inching the powerful Obelisk the Tormentor! Standing roughly 11.81 inches tall, this god will tower over any fan's collectible with incredible detail and scale. The Obelisk the Tormentor statue will be great companion pieces to the already released Yu-Gi-Oh statues such as[...]
Demon Slayer Kyojuro Rengoku Brings the Heat to Kotobukiya
This Flame Breathing slayer has his own unique style, and Kotobukiya brings the legendary character to life with their newest ArtFX J statue Standing roughly 8.85 inches tall, the 1/8 scale statue heroically stands on a fiery base with translucent flames surrounding him Demon Slayer fans will see intricate detail sculpted into Kyojuro's design with[...]