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Demon Slayer Kyojuro Rengoku Brings the Heat to Kotobukiya
This Flame Breathing slayer has his own unique style, and Kotobukiya brings the legendary character to life with their newest ArtFX J statue Standing roughly 8.85 inches tall, the 1/8 scale statue heroically stands on a fiery base with translucent flames surrounding him Demon Slayer fans will see intricate detail sculpted into Kyojuro's design with[...]
My Little Pony Princess Celestia Comes to Life With Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya continues to expand their spectacular Bishoujo My Little Pony statue line with another new addition to the line up Princess Celestia has arrived with her own magic as she comes to life and turns human, just like the rest of her sisters The beauty of Princess Celestia is sculpted to perfection with her magical[...]
Dead by Daylight The Wraith Stalks With New Kotobukiya Statue
Kotobukiya is back with another killer for the hit multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight We have already seen two gruesome killers arrive with The Trapper and The Hillbilly, and now we are getting The Wraith Capturing the likeness perfectly from the Dead by Daylight game, Kotobukiya has The Wraith standing on an Autohaven Wreckers-themed[...]
My Little Pony Fluttershy Receives New 1,500 LE Kotobukiya Statue
Kotobukiya has revealed a new My Little Pony Bishoujo statue is on the way with a new limited edition variant from Fluttershy Kotobukiya is modifying their original design with an appearance closer to the original Flutterfly look The biggest change is the skin tone as it moves to a yellow capturing more of the detail[...]
The Lightning Calls Thor With Kotobukiya’s Newest Marvel Statue
Thor, God of Thunder has arrived on Midgard with a brand new 1/6 scale statue from Kotobukiya Based on his design from Marvel Comics, Thor stands 17.5" tall and is displayed in a battle pose with Mjolnir The statue is packed with a remarkable sculpt, detail, and color that will make it a real treat[...]
My Little Pony Princess Luna Turns Human With Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya is back with another humanized version of My Little Pony with their newest statue The moon is bright with this one as Princess Luna lights up the dark with her new gorgeous statue The My Little Pony is beautifully recreated in human form, from the shine of her night sky hair to the color[...]
Darth Vader Goes Steampunk With New Kotobukiya Statue
Kotobukiya has unveiled their newest Star Wars project with a trip to the Industrial Empire The newest addition to the Artist Series of statues is a new interesting steampunk twist on a classic Star Wars character Darth Vader is here to reign supreme once again, standing 12.5 inches tall on a themed diorama base and[...]
Leatherface is Back With New Bloody 300 Piece Statue From Kotobukiya
We return to a horrifying town in Texas once again as Kotobukiya announces their newest ArtFX Horror statue with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The maniac Leatherface is on the loose once again, with not one but two new statues coming from the company Both statues will stand 12.5" tall and will feature some unique detail[...]
The Mandalorian and Grogu Get New ARTFX Statue from Kotobukiya
It has been quite some time that we have received a new The Mandalorian collectible, and Kotobukiya is here to fix that They have unveiled a new 1/7 ARTFX statue featuring The Mandalroain (Din Djarin) and The Child (Grogu) The statue will stand highly 10" tall and shows Din in his shiny Beskar Armor as[...]
X-Men Cyclops Blasts His Way to Kotobukiya With New Statue
Cyclops, Leader of the X-Men, is here, and he is ready to lead his team to victory with a new Fine Art statue from Kotobukiya Cyclops will stand roughly 16" tall and will showcase the mutant in a classic action pose His iconic blue and yellow costume comes to life with this design Kotobukiya captures[...]
Dead by Daylight the Wraith Statue Is Teased by Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya has teased that another statue from the hit survival game Dead by Daylight is on the way We have already seen two killers get the statue treatment, and now we get a simple prototype to look at The Wraith The Wraith, also known as Philip Ojomo, is one of 22 Killers currently playable within[...]
Poison Ivy Returns With New Variant Statue from Kotobukiya
Poison Ivy is back once again as Kotobukiya announces a re-release of their widely popular Bishoujo statue This is not a normal re-release as Ivy will be getting a new paint scheme paying tribute to her original design from DC Comics Kotobukiya is giving Poison Ivy her green skin and red hair back as she[...]
New My Little Pony Bishoujo Statues Teased by Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya had their KotoExpo over the weekend, they announced a bunch of new and upcoming statues One of those reveals includes not one but two new upcoming My Little Pony Bishoujo statues to go along with their wildly popular humanized statue series Princess Luna and Princess Celestia will now be joining their fellow My Little[...]
Fire Force Arthur Boyle Brings the Heat and Excalibur To Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya continues to bring the heat to anime fans as they announce with another Fire Force statue This time the heroic knight Arthur Boyle is arriving on the scene This Second Class Fire Soldier from the Special Fire Force Company 8 is ready to join his team This beautifully sculpted 1/8 scale statue depicts Arthur[...]
Fire Force Captain Shinmon Benimaru Brings the Heat To Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya has announced another Fire Force member is joining their ARTFX J statue series This time the captain of the Special Fire Force Company 7 and the strongest fire officer Shinmon Benimaru ready for action His statue shows him wielding his signature weapon, the matoi, as he stands on top of a fiery base His[...]