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Pokemon Trainer Brendan and Treeko's Quest Continues with Kotobukiya
It is time to take a trip back in time to the arrivals of the Hoenn Region once again as Kotobukiya debuts another Pokemon statue Releasing alongside their new Pokemon Trainer May ArtFX J piece, Brendan and Treeko are ready for action Coming out of the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire series, Brendan is either your[...]
Pokemon Trainer May Returns with Her Mudkip to Kotobukiya
While everyone is focusing on the future of Pokemon, Kotobukiya is looking to the past once more Coming to us from the Ruby and Sapphire era, a popular 2017 ART FX J statue is making its return Pokemon Trainer May is ready to continue her adventure with her faithful partner Mudkip With incredible detail and[...]
Ahsoka Tano Makes Her Comeback with New Star Wars Kotobukiya Statue 
Kotobukiya is back with another impressive Star Wars ARTFX statue as we return to the era of The Mandalorian Coming out of the second season, Din Djarin is on the hunt for a mysterious Jedi to help train Grogu It was not long before fans found themselves face to face with a famous Jedi from[...]
Bronze Age Batman Returns with New DC Comics Statue from Kotobukiya 
Kotobukiya is returning DC Comics fans to the Bronze Age of Batman with their newest ARTFX statue Coming in at 12" tall, Bruce Wayne is donning his classic blue, grey, and yellow batsuit He is depicted suiting up for a night in Gotham with impressive detail and color and a photo-realistic style You can never[...]
Obi-Wan Kenobi is Redeemed with New Star Wars Kotobukiya Statue 
It is time to return to a galaxy far, far away as Kotobukiya debuts their latest Star Wars statue Coming from the hit series Obi-Wan Kenobi, this Jedi Master has found his way back to the Force After confronting his fallen padawan one last time, Obi-Wan is ready to continue his training, and Kotobukiya brings[...]
DC Comics Batgirl Joins the Gotham Crusade with Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya is honoring the lovely and gorgeous Barbara Gordon with their latest DC Comics Bishoujo statues After a whopping 12 years, this crime-fighter is back at Kotobukiya, coming in at roughly 9" tall Her Burnside costume is featured here, and Batgirl will come with not one, but two different head sculpts DC Comics fans can[...]
Star Wars Purge Trooper is Ready for Action with Kotobukiya  
We have already seen plenty of collectibles for this Star Wars series, and now it looks like Kotobukiya is giving us one more The Phase II Armor Purge Trooper is joining the Star Wars ARTFX statue line in impressive detail, showcasing the slick red and black armor design The soldier stands 10.87" tall, is highly[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Echo Deploys with New Kotobukiya Statue 
One of those troopers is ARC Trooper Echo, who has been with us since the first season of The Clone Wars, he now has a new robotic advantage, and Kotobukiya has revealed he is joining their Star Wars ARTFX line Echo will now join the rest of Clone Force 99 with Hunter, Crosshair, Tech, and[...]
Deadpool FineArt Statue Signature Series Statue Debuts from Kotobukiya
The Merc with the Mouth is back as Kotobukiya debuts their newest Fine Art Statue Signature Series with the one and only Deadpool Deadpool will now join his time-traveling partner Cable in this line with next-level detail Kotobukiya's Fine Art Signature Series is fairly new, and they consist of limited edition statues that will be[...]
Kotobukiya Debuts Star Wars The Book of Boba Fett ARTFX+ Statue
He took down a Tatooine desert beast with his bare hands, he rode into battle with Tusken Raiders, he even rode into battle on a freaking Rancor! For years he saw powerful men rise to power and fail, so now it is his turn, and Dave Filoni did a perfect job capturing that.  If you love[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Crosshair Statue Arrives from Kotobukiya
Slowly but surely, Kotobukiya has been bringing the members of Clone Force 99 to life The Bad Batch is a beautiful sequel to Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and the first season blew fans away With returning characters, iconic locations, and major storylines, this animated series has filled that animated void Star Wars fans are[...]
Transformers Megatron Becomes a Diva with New Kotobukiya Statue 
Megatron is ready to show the world she means business as Kotobukiya debuts their newest Bishoujo statue It was not long ago we saw the world of Transformers come to life like never before with a new human form version of Optimus Prime It looks like her sister wants some time in the spotlight with[...]
Lady Loki Seduces Your Marvel Collection with Kotobukiya Re-Release 
Kotobukiya is bringing back this version once again as they announce the reproduction of their Lady Loki Bishoujo statue.  Coming in at roughly 7" tall, this version of Loki features a metallic outfit, fur cloak, and a new horned helmet The sculpt and colors on the statue are truly a work of art, with that metallic[...]
Thunder Strikes as Jane Foster Thor Statue Returns to Kotobukiya 
In preparation for the new film, Kotobukiya has announced the return of their popular Jane Foster Thor Bishoujo statue This is the first reproduction of this statue in seven years, giving new life to the Goddess of Thunder. Her design comes to life right from the comics with Asgardian armor, flowing red cape, and posed wielding[...]
Kotobukiya Unveils Pokemon Rosa and Snivy ARTFX J Statue 
More Pokemon action has arrived as Kotobukiya announces the return of their Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2 statues Rosa is back with her companion Snivy along for the ride with an incredible ArtFx J statue Rosa stands roughly 7" tall and is depicted with a PokeBall in hand with her unique twintails and[...]
Pokemon Black and White 2 ARTFX J Statues Return with Kotobukiya 
For fans who do love the series, Kotobukiya is showing one of the protagonists some love as Nate joins the ARTFX J statue Nate and his companion Oshawatt are ready to uncover the secrets of the land and add some zest to your Pokemon collection Nate comes in at roughly 8" tall and Oshawott is[...]
Optimus Prime is a Heart Throb with Kotobukiya’s Sexy New Statue 
Kotobukiya is back to stir up the community with another sassy and spunky new Bishoujo statue Another iconic Pop Culture icon is back and is not only in human form but gender-swappable! That is right, the Leader of the Autobots is ready to as some spunk to your Transformers collection with a brand new, highly[...]
Kotobukiya Kicks off A New Chapter of Marvel Comics ARTFX Statue 
Kotobukiya is paying tribute to these iconic superheroes as they debut their newest line of Marvel ARTFX statues New focus on the 90s and early 2000s are showcased here as we are returning to the Bronze Age of comics with new highly detailed 1/6 scale statues, starting with Thor The god's classic costume returns from[...]
Batman: Killing Joke “One Bad Day” Joker Statue Revealed by Kotobukiya 
It is time to relive the chaos of Batman: Killing Joke as Kotobukiya debuts their newest DC Comics statue Killing Joke is one of those stand-alone comics that really had a major impact on the Batman Universe Key players like Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon are still traumatized to this day by what the Joker did[...]
Kotobukiya Reveals My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Bishoujo Statue 
Kotobukiya is taking fans back to Equestria as they continue their My Little Pony Bishoujo statue series This time Rainbow Dash is ready for fun and sparkles with a new humanized limited edition statue Unlike her previous release, Rainbow Dash will now feature a skin tone similar to the one in My Little Pony Equestrian[...]
Harley Quinn Kicks Off Kotobukiya's New Kalā Statue Series
Kotobukiya has announced that they will be creating brand new statue series titled: Kalā Kalā is an ancient Sanskrit word for art, and Kotobukiya is bring that art to life with the help of some of their creative sculptors The first statue in the line is the beautiful and chaotic Harley Quinn from the world[...]
Kotobukiya Downloads New Mega Man Battle Network Model Kit
Mega Man is ready to join your collection with a new Model Kit action figure from Kotobukiya This figure comes to us from his appearance in Mega Man Battle Network Fans of the series will not have a problem creating some incredible poses with this figure as he comes with a great set of swappable[...]
Kotobukiya Reveals One-Time Production Prototype Boba Fett Statue
Boba Fett is making a return to Star Wars Celebration this year with a very limited edition Kotobukiya release Releasing as part of their ARTFX+ Star Wars line, Kotobukiya is taking fans back to 1978 with the early Boba Prototype Armor The classic all-white color scheme is back with this special 7.5" tall statue with[...]
Darkstalkers Lilith Gets Devilish New Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue 
Kotobukiya is back with another impressive and seductive statue from the hit Capcom video game, Darkstalkers This time, the deadly and dangerous Lilith is back and featuring a brand new design from Shunya Yamashita This devilish statue capture elements from the fellow succubus Morrigan, but with colors and detail to make her shine on her[...]
Kotobukiya Debuts Kate Bishop Hawkeye Marvel Bishoujo Statue 
Kotobukiya is showing her some love with a brand new statue featuring her Marvel Comics appearance Releasing as part of their Bishoujo statue series, Hawkeye is taking Lucky the Pizza Dog for a walk This colorful and animated statue stands roughly 7" tall and features her classic costume from 2012 Kotobukiya has captured Lucky and[...]
Kotobukiya Re-Releases The Avengers Iron Man Mark 7 Statue 
Kotobukiya is taking Marvel fans back to the summer of 2012 as they announce the rerelease of one of their The Avengers statues The ARTFX Iron Man Mark 7 statue is back as he dons his new suit after exiting Stark Industries Tower Unlike previous releases, Kotobukiya has now added an additional head sculpt featuring[...]
Kotobukiya Debuts Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Uzui Tengen Statue
Kotobukiya has been faithfully giving collectors an impressive line-up of statues, and another has arrived The newest Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba statue is the Uzui Tengen, who uses Sound Breathing This deadly slayer is fairly new and plays a big part in the Entertainment District Arc during the newest season of the anime. Coming in[...]
My Hero Academia Uravity Takes to the Sky with Kotobukiya 
Kotobukiya has revealed their newest ARTFX J statue with Uravity herself with a Version 2. Sporting her Hero Costume, Uravity is ready for action and will make a fine new addition to your My Hero Academia collection This hero takes flight using her Zero Gravity Quirk, and she floats off the base Everything about her designs[...]
Snake Eyes II Receives an Exclusive Storm Shadow Kotobukiya Statue 
Kotobukiya has revealed a brand new G.I Joe collectible as they continue to enhance their Bishoujo line It looks like Dawn Moreno is back as Snake Eyes II once again but is getting a brand new deco Releasing as a PX Previews exclusive, Snake Eyes is peeling away from her black designs, flipping the script[...]
Kotobukiya Reveals Star Wars: The Mandalroian & Grogu ARTFX+ Statue 
Grogu and The Mandalorian are back together once again as Kotobukiya reveals their newest collectible Coming straight out of the hit Star Wars Disney+ series, The Mandalorian, this dynamic duo gets their own ARTFX+ statue The 1:10 scale statue portrays Din Djarin and Grogu together with updated designs with armor and weapons, as seen in[...]