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Darkstalkers Felicia Receives Feisty New Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue
Your favorite cat woman is back as Kotobukiya has revealed that Felicia from the hit game Darkstalkers joins their Bishoujo statue series The 1/7th scale statue captures the beauty of this iconic Capcom figure and is beautifully sculpted featuring some incredible detail Kotobukiya has added some texture detail as well, with Darkstalkers Felicia showcasing her[...]
Dark Magician Girl Receives New Yu-Gi-Oh Kotobukiya Plastic Model Kit
The cards come alive as Dark Magician Girl is here and joining Kotobukiya's popular plastic model kit series Kotobukiay stays true to the character's original design with this remarkable sculpt that any fan can get behind Dark Magician Girl is already pre-painted and will come with a wide variety of swappable body parts for massive[...]
My Hero Academia Shoto Todoroki Receives New ARTFX J Kotobukiya Statue
The newest collectible comes to us from Kotobukiya with another one of their incredible ArtFX J statues This time Shoto Todoroki is back and is bringing his stunning ice and flame powers to life upon your My Hero Academia collection Shoto's animated style is perfectly captured in this piece as it showcases the Half-Cold Half-Hot[...]
Pokemon Trainer May and Torchic Arrives with New Kotobukiya Statue
Kotobukiya continues to bring the world of this iconic franchise to life as some of the popular characters from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire arrive Trainer May is ready for battle, and she is bringing her partner, Torchic, along for the ride Coming in at almost 8" tall, the beautifully crafted statue captures the free spirit[...]
My Little Pony and Hatsune Miku Crossover Arrives with Kotobukiya
Hatsune Miku is back and is ready to take to the stage with her brand new companion as Kotobukiya has revealed their newest Bishoujo statue For those unaware, Hatsune Miku is a Japanese Vocaloid software voicebank developed by Crypton Future Media and is depicted as a 16-year-old girl with some iconic long colored twintails This[...]
Kotobukiya Reveals Batman: The Last Knight on Earth ArtFX Statue
Kotobukiya is sharing in on the DC Comics love, and they unveil their newest DC Comics statue with Batman: The Last Knight on Earth The 1/6th scale statue stands roughly 12" and showcases different versions of the iconic pose as seen on the cover of the comic This version features Batman in his black and[...]
The Bad Batch Hunter Receives New Star Wars Kotobukiya Statue
As part of Disney's new "Bring Home the Bounty" product reveals is a brand new statue from Kotobukiya Coming out of The Bad Batch is Hunter who will now join Wrecker with his very own 1/7 scale ArtFX statue This incredible statue stands 8" tall and features Clone Force 99's Hunter in his glorious animated[...]
Magneto Prepares to Take on the X-Men with New Kotobukiya Statue
The mutant population's savior has arrived as Kotobukiya has revealed their newest Marvel Comic Fine Art statue Magneto is ready to take on the X-Men and anyone else who gets in his way of mutant freedom this time Standing at an impressive 15" tall, the Master of Magnetism comes to life right before Marvel Comics[...]
Kotobukiya Reveals End of Heroes 1/24th Scale Zombie Figures
Kotobukiya has unveiled a brand new pastor model kit series where collectors face new horrors in a world where civilization has fallen The dead walk the Earth with a brand new 1/24 scale model series labeled End of Heroes, and two zombie figures kick off the line Two Zombinoid figures are on the way with[...]
Prepare for Venom as Kotobukiya Reveals Their New Marvel Statue
Kotobukiya is celebrating in their own way as they unveil the Renewal of their Marvel Comics ARTFX+ Venom statue This black symbiote is back with its lifelike design oozes through as the beast stands on a slab of concrete Kotobukiya is taking Spider-Man fans back to the original bulky Venom design, with this statue standing[...]
Carnage Is Looking for Blood with New ARTFX+ Statue from Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya is prepping the release of this mad man by announcing a new updated version of their popular Carnage statue Cletus Kassady is back with an updated base, legs, and head sculpt, giving Marvel Comics fans a deadly statue to add to their collection Standing roughly 7.87 inches tall, this symbiote is posed in a[...]
Snake Eyes Gets Sexy With New G.I. Joe Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue
There is a new Snake Eyes in town as Kotobukiya unveils another incredible G.I Joe Bishoujo statue Dawn Moreno is taking up the mantle of Snake Eyes II with a brand new statue standing 9" inches tall Introduced in the IDW G.I Joe comic book, Dawn was trained to be one of Cobra's elite assassins[...]
Darth Vader Gets a Hiromoto Makeover with New Kotobukiya Statue
Darth Vader is back as Kotobukiya reveals their newest Star Wars ARTFX titled The Ultimate Evil The 1/7th scale statue captures the dark prince in all of his powerful essence with a redesign by Hiromoto Kotobukay shows off the Sith as he just struck down his former Master with Obi-Wan Kenobi's robe and lightsaber at[...]
Darkstalkers Morrigan is Back With New Seductive Kotobukiya Statue
Darkstalkers fans are in for a sexy treat as Kotobukiya reveals their newest Bishoujo statue Morrigan's beauty and sex appeal come to life with this brand new 1/7th scale statue This iconic Darkstalkers character wears her seductive costume with her fangs out as she looks for a new heartthrob to take a nice bite out[...]