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Celebrate the Holidays on the Millennium Falcon with LEGO Star Wars 
In a world unlike any other, something seductive and extraordinary has occurred in the minds of Kotobukiya The world of Transformers has undergone a special change with the Bishoujo line as they convert from mechanical forms to humanoids A new era of Transformers has arrived as some begin to fall into their same factions, especially[...]
Toss a Coin to Kotobukiya’s New The Witcher Bishojo Statue with Ciri 
Kotobukiya is back and ready to toss a coin into your Bishoujo collection with a new release from The Witcher That is right, Ciri is now joining the popular line and will now pair perfectly with the gender-swapped Geralt or Rivia Bishouho Ciri is the second statue to arrive from The Witcher and is packed[...]
Pennywise Seduces Her Victims with New Horror Statue from Kotobukiya 
Pennywise is back, and SHE is ready to slay the day and Derry while she can with the help of Kotobukiya Returning to Kotobukiya's popular Bishoujo line, this horror icon has been revamped with a new design and color This design takes homage to the classic era of black and white horror films, with a[...]
Kotobukiya Debuts Female Version of Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher 
Geralt is back and is now joining Kotobukiya's impressive and popular BISHOUJO collection However, Geralt of Rivia is getting a new twist as he is being redesigned as a female This new version of The Witcher is ready for action as she takes in the forces that go bump in the night Kotobukiya has captured[...]
X-Men’s Rogue Shows Her Claws with New Marvel Bishoujo Statue 
Kotobukiya is assembling the iconic ladies of the X-Men once again as they debut their latest Bishoujo Marvel statue Rogue is entering the spotlight with an impressive new 1/7 scale statue Her design and colors come straight from the 90s with this impressive release From her iconic hair, yellow and green colors, and even her[...]
The Batman of 1989 is Back with Kotobukiya’s Latest The Flash Statue 
Kotobukiya has revealed that they will be stepping into the Speed Force with their latest ARTFX statue An old version of Batman is back as Michael Keaton dons the cowl once again. Kotobukiya is bringing him to life with an impressive new 1/6 scale statue that captures his long-awaited return for The Flash His batsuit is[...]
Bring Balance to the Force with Star Wars Captain Rex from Kotobukiya
It is time to blast off into a galaxy far, far away once again with Kotobukiya for the 20th Anniversary of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones Kotobukiya has revealed that they will be bringing back some popular Star Wars ARTFX statues Commander Cody is reporting for duty once again with an impressive rerelease that[...]
Bring Balance to the Force with Star Wars Captain Rex from Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya is celebrating 20 years of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones with some rereleases Some popular The Clone Wars statues are making a return, including the return of Captain Rex The faithful leader of the 501st Squadron is back and ready for action Captain Rex is one of the few clones to fit their[...]
Darth Maul Seeks Justice with New Star Wars Statue from Kotobukiya 
The final moments of The Clone Wars is underway, and Kotobukiya captures it with their ARTFX line The legendary Star Wars villain Darth Maul is ready to tempt fate as war arrives on Mandalore Coming in at 10.24" tall, Maul is posed in an action stance and is sculpted with the signature The Clone Wars[...]
Star Trek Gets Sexy with New Kotobukiya’s Bishoujo Statue Series 
It looks like Kotobukiya is entering Space, The Final Frontier, as they unveil their latest statue collection The world of Star Trek is coming to life like never before as the legendary sci-fi series join the Bishoujo collection Star Trek: The Original Series kicks everything off as a Vulcan Science Officer is getting a sexy[...]
Resident Evil: Vendetta Horror Debuts at Kotobukiya with Chris Redfield 
Kotobukiya is bring Redfield to life with a brand new ArtFX statue for the upcoming animated feature Resident Evil: Vendetta This 1/6 scale statue shows this hero ready to go at anything that comes his way He is depicted in a tactical outfit with a rifle as he aims down the sights This statue will[...]
Chainsaw Man’s Power Brings Her Blood Art to Kotobukiya’s ArtFX J
Kotobukiya is back with another delightful addition to their ArtFX Statue series with Chainsaw Man Denji and Maxima are already on the scene, and now the fiend Power is joining the fight Power seems to be a fan favorite character, and how could she not with her aggressive behavior Throughout the first season of Chainsaw[...]
My Hero Academia No. 5 Pro Hero Mirko Arrives at Kotobukiya 
Kotobukiya has now added Mirko to their impressive ArtFX J statue series coming in at 1/8 scale Showing off her Rabbit Quirk, the No.5 Pro Hero is ready to leap into action with a remarkable sculpt She is captured in a leaping pose on a rock and will come with two swappable head sculpt. Rabbit Hero[...]
Transformers Bumblebee Becomes a Human Girl with Kotobukiya 
Kotobukiya is back with another delightful and unique entry to their popular Bishoujo statue series Transformers are back, as Kotobukiya has teamed up with Takara Tomy and Hasbro once again for this special release Bumblebee is back and is not only getting gender-swapped but becoming a human for this release That is right; Bumblebee will[...]
Chainsaw Man’s Makima Joins Kotobukiya’s ARTFX J Statue Series 
Kotobukiya brings the haunting beauty of Makima to life with their Chainsaw Man ArtFX J line with great detail, craftmanship, and style.  Makima will now join Denji as the second ArtFX J Chainsaw Man 1/8 statue in the line She is positioned on a battle-torn display base as she is wearing her signature suit This is[...]
My Hero Academia Shota Aizawa Comes to Kotobukiya with New Statue
While we will not go into specifics, Kotobukiya is remembering the hero who introduced us to Class 1A of My Hero Academia with their latest statue release Releasing as part of the ArtFX J line, this Pro Hero comes to life with an impressive new statue that stands roughly 10" tall. Shota is nicely detailed, featuring[...]
Another Zombinoid Figure Rises from Kotobukiya with the Wretched Girl
Kotobukiya's new 1/24 scale line, End of Heroes, continues to grow as a new Zombinoid ride from the grave These new plastic model kits take collectors into an apocalyptic future as the undead walk the Earth As the heroes still have yet to be revealed, even more zombies are on the way, and the Wretched[...]
Himiko Toga Gets a My Hero Academia Reissue Statue from Kotobukiya
Toga is back and ready to add some spice to your My Hero Academia collection once again, as Kotobukiya has announced a reissue of her ArtFX J statue.  Kotobukiya is dishing out a nice set of My Hero Academia ArtFX J reissues as well as a new release Dabi has just joined the My Hero ArtFX[...]
My Hero Academia Dabi Brings Some Heat to Kotobukiya ArtFX J Line
The mysterious League of Villains member Dabi is ready to watch the world burn with Kotobukiya Coming to fans right out of the hit anime series My Hero Academia is a brand new ArtFX J statue Standing roughly 11" tall, Dabi is faithfully recreated from the anime packed with detail and color Dabi will be[...]
My Hero Academia Tomura Shigaraki is Back with Kotobukiya Reissue 
Kotobukiya is taking My Hero Academia fans back to the beginning of the hit anime series as they announce the release of their newest ArtFX J statue Tomura Shigaraki is back and here to support the newest League of Villains release with Dabi This reproduction will feature a different SRP than its first release, so[...]
New Zombinoid Figure Rises from Kotobukiya with the Fallen Queen
Kotobukiya has dove into the action figure game with its own unique line of figures titled step End of Heroes This new plastic model kit series comes in a 1/24 and features an apocalyptic future with a battle between heroes and the undead We have seen some of these figures already, and it looks like[...]
Kotobukiya Unleashed Chainsaw Man with New ArtFX J Statue
The newest piece comes to us from Kotobukiya as they debut their new 1/8 scale ArtFX J statue Denji has been unleashed as the Chainsaw Devil statue that is packed with some impressive bloody detail Kotobukia has even included a secondary head showcasing a more aggressive expression for Denji.  Your Special Division 4 collection is getting[...]
Pokemon Trainer Brendan and Treeko's Quest Continues with Kotobukiya
It is time to take a trip back in time to the arrivals of the Hoenn Region once again as Kotobukiya debuts another Pokemon statue Releasing alongside their new Pokemon Trainer May ArtFX J piece, Brendan and Treeko are ready for action Coming out of the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire series, Brendan is either your[...]
Pokemon Trainer May Returns with Her Mudkip to Kotobukiya
While everyone is focusing on the future of Pokemon, Kotobukiya is looking to the past once more Coming to us from the Ruby and Sapphire era, a popular 2017 ART FX J statue is making its return Pokemon Trainer May is ready to continue her adventure with her faithful partner Mudkip With incredible detail and[...]
Ahsoka Tano Makes Her Comeback with New Star Wars Kotobukiya Statue 
Kotobukiya is back with another impressive Star Wars ARTFX statue as we return to the era of The Mandalorian Coming out of the second season, Din Djarin is on the hunt for a mysterious Jedi to help train Grogu It was not long before fans found themselves face to face with a famous Jedi from[...]
Bronze Age Batman Returns with New DC Comics Statue from Kotobukiya 
Kotobukiya is returning DC Comics fans to the Bronze Age of Batman with their newest ARTFX statue Coming in at 12" tall, Bruce Wayne is donning his classic blue, grey, and yellow batsuit He is depicted suiting up for a night in Gotham with impressive detail and color and a photo-realistic style You can never[...]
Obi-Wan Kenobi is Redeemed with New Star Wars Kotobukiya Statue 
It is time to return to a galaxy far, far away as Kotobukiya debuts their latest Star Wars statue Coming from the hit series Obi-Wan Kenobi, this Jedi Master has found his way back to the Force After confronting his fallen padawan one last time, Obi-Wan is ready to continue his training, and Kotobukiya brings[...]
DC Comics Batgirl Joins the Gotham Crusade with Kotobukiya
Kotobukiya is honoring the lovely and gorgeous Barbara Gordon with their latest DC Comics Bishoujo statues After a whopping 12 years, this crime-fighter is back at Kotobukiya, coming in at roughly 9" tall Her Burnside costume is featured here, and Batgirl will come with not one, but two different head sculpts DC Comics fans can[...]
Star Wars Purge Trooper is Ready for Action with Kotobukiya  
We have already seen plenty of collectibles for this Star Wars series, and now it looks like Kotobukiya is giving us one more The Phase II Armor Purge Trooper is joining the Star Wars ARTFX statue line in impressive detail, showcasing the slick red and black armor design The soldier stands 10.87" tall, is highly[...]
Star Wars: The Bad Batch Echo Deploys with New Kotobukiya Statue 
One of those troopers is ARC Trooper Echo, who has been with us since the first season of The Clone Wars, he now has a new robotic advantage, and Kotobukiya has revealed he is joining their Star Wars ARTFX line Echo will now join the rest of Clone Force 99 with Hunter, Crosshair, Tech, and[...]