We Unbox Our Venomized Fantastic Four Mystery Box from Funko

Funko did release another mystery box at GameStop for Black Friday this year. This seems to be a tradition for the company and a tradition for me on picking one up every year. We did cover the contents of the box, which fans can find located here. This year's theme was Venomized Fantastic Four, with a total of eight different Pop designs that collectors could get. Each member of the Fantastic Four can be found Venomized with Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing, and the Human Torch. Each of them will also be getting their own special variant version, and of course, it is random. The mystery box contains five pieces inside with a Funko Pop, Pop Pin, Pocket Pop, Pop PEZ, and a vinyl decal. Being a Venom fan and a fan of mystery boxes, I just had to see what I could pull, so crack this box open and see what wonder behold our Funko Venomized Fantastic Four Mystery Box.

Starting with some of the smaller goodies first, we got a Super Skrull Venomized pin, Venomized Doctor Doom PEZ, and amazing Venomized Galactus Pocket Pop. Interestingly, none of these character designs have had their own normal-sized Pop from Funko just yet, but we can only surmise that we will see them in the future. The Venomized Galactus is truly something special, and I would love to see it in 10 inches or even 18 inches of one in the future. The Fantastic Four decal is simply the classic Marvel Comics FF logo but with symbiote surrounding it. Each of these little trinkets is cool and fun to see. They never really stay in my collection for long, but this mini Galactus will be traveling on my keys.

As for the main event, out of the 8 Fantastic Four Pops we could have got, we pulled the Glow-in-the-Dark Venomized Human Torch. This version is a special variant of the Human Torch that was obtainable, and it's even better to see in person. The pop design is very well done, showing off a fiery symbiote who will not stop at anything and will be a challenge for anyone in his path. The red treasure here is the red glowing eyes that burn brings when the lights go out. Each of the Venomized Fantastic Four designs is all quite devilish and will make a great addition to any Venom fan's collection. Marvel fans who want to test their luck with these Funko mystery boxes can do so here for $19.99. For fans who just want them all, then GameStop also has you covered with a bundle that includes all 8 Venomized designs that can be found here for $149.99. Good luck!

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