Funko Announces TMNT, KISS, Chilly Willy and Joker Funko Sodas

New Funko Soda vinyl figures have just been revealed. There will be four new collectible figures headed our featuring some iconic characters. These Sodas are also bigger in production size with one as high as 20,000 pieces. First up is Heath Ledger Joker from The Dark Knight. This figure will be limited to 20,000 pieces and will have the chance of a chase. The chase will feature the Joker in his Bank Robber costume and I wish he was wearing his mask too. Next up is our first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Funko Soda with sword wielding leader Leonardo. This figure will be limited to only 12,500 pieces and will come with a chase too. This cause will be 1:6 and will feature a glow in the dark variant of the figure. This design matches that Saturday Morning cartoons vibe that really brings this series to life.

Our following Funko Soda reveals are the first Band to get a figure as KISS makes their way to the stage. Gene Simmons aka The Demon is back with a 12,500 limited edition run that will feature a chase variant. Just like Leonardo, this figure will also be glow in the dark with his face paint glowing. The last figure that Funko has revealed is the lovable penguin Chilly Willy. Chilly Willy will be limited to only 10,000 pieces and will also feature a 1:6 chance of a chase. This chase is quite different from a new design showing of fa new color with this Frosty Willy. We have seen Funko Pop designs of the chase and it is a worthy variant for the series. These new figures are all definitely quite interesting to the line. The TMNT line is a great addition to the series as it would join the ranks of other 80s cartoons Masters of the Universe and Thundercats. The cartoony versions of real world individuals are hit or miss. I'm sure dedicated fans of Joker Will make him an easy sell out as well as KISS. I do wish that they did keep these quite limited with maybe the max number being 12,500. I think that was one of the biggest motivations to get this series was the limited quality. Each of these new Funko Soda figures is set to release in September 2020. Pre-orders are already live and they will all be priced at $12.99 and you can find them all located here.

"Your favorite character is joining Funko's Vinyl Soda line! With Chilly Willy, The Demon from KISS, Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and DC Comics Heath Ledger Joker coming soon. Each Soda Vinyl Figure measures approximately 4 1/4-inches tall. Packaged inside a collectible soda can, it includes a "POG" shaped collector card. The limited edition item even includes a chase figure to hunt and collect!"

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