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GI Joe spent 2020 going through a renaissance. The brand has been resurrected in a long-requested 6-inch line dubbed Classified, and boy, is it a hit. Sellouts everywhere, demand and uproar online as fans and collectors return to the store to buy GI Joe for the first time in about a decade. What makes it even more sweet is that there really is not a reason for the resurgence is basically just toys. Sure, the Snake Eyes movie is coming next year, but all this fervor is about toys. It is great to see. On auction on Comic Connect right now, part of Event Auction #44, is a graded Real American Hero Chuckles. This is from 1987, of course, and features everyone's favorite flower shirt-wearing spy. The figure is graded out at an 80, a pretty great grade these days. It is sitting at $127 with about two days left to bid. Check out the GI Joe figure down below.

Gi Joe Chuckles
GI Joe Chuckles Action Figure. Credit Comic Connect

GI Joe Is The Next Line To Really Jump

This is a great time to jump into MOC or graded Joe. With all of this new excitement and it not slowing down anytime soon, people are really starting to check out getting into Joe, or back into Joe, for the first time in a long time. Prices are starting to creep up, and I think pretty soon, GI Joe is going to be the latest line to make a huge price jump. This year it was wrestling, and I think 2021 is going to be Joe. Get in now, and head over to Comic Connect to bid on this fan-favorite while it is still such a deal, and place a bid now. You have two days, and while there, check out all of the other awesome figures, comics, and more on auction for Event Auction #44.

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