Godzilla Vs Kong: Let's Look At The Playmates Battle Damaged Figures

Godzilla Vs. Kong may have been delayed until 2021, but the figures aren't! That's right, as we speak, you can go to your local Walmart, where these are exclusive and get your hands on some Kaiju goodness thanks to Playmates. Their line of figures spans the history of the giant monsters, but we are going to focus on the ultimate battle between the MonsterVerse titans, Godzilla and King Kong himself. Playmates was kind enough to send over figures for us to show you, so thanks to them. Now, let's take a look at two of their battle-damaged figures and what they have to offer.

Godzilla Vs. Kong…Who You Got?

First off, let's commend them on the packaging. Not only did they make a wise decision not shoving these guys into a huge window box, but it saves on plastic and helps the environment. Good job, guys. Key art galore is used here, and I love the orange and blue together; they really turn what could have been boring looking cardboard into something that really catches the eye. These open-air boxes usually don't do it for me if I am keeping something MOC, but for these Godzilla and Kong figures, I feel that it works. Good call putting the battle-damaged piece behind plastic as well. That would have been easy to lose.

Looking at Kong first, he is for sure, the better of the two figures. Featuring way more articulation than I would have thought looking at him, He is incredibly fun to pose. Not sure why he had to come with this weird axe…thing, but it fits in his hand well. The battle damage figure is a tried and true gimmick, and it works well here; I just wish it was in a different spot. It falls off really easily just by lifting his arm certain ways. Love that face, though.

Godzilla is not my favorite, however. He is a cool toy, just limited by what he can do. His tail attaches well, not like some other companies and their Godzilla figures, so that was nice. Other than that, though, he can only move his arms and legs. The head on mine felt like if I moved it, it would break. The blast effect stays in his mouth well, so that is nice. I am also not a giant fan of the color on this one; he looks too dark. I love the battle damage; however, this one is executed perfectly. Out of the way and easy to get on and off–that is how it is done.

So overall? For the price point, these guys are at ($9.99), they are pretty good. These are obviously aimed at children, and since my eight year old has not stopped running around with them since we opened them, I would say that they will more than satisfy kids. For adult collectors, you may be a tad disappointed, unless adding them to a MOC collection. Then these Godzilla Vs. Kong toys will pop for years to come. You can snag these for yourself here or in Walmart stores now.

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