Mezco Toyz Hides Golden Dragon One:12 Gomez in SDCC Box

Mezco Toyz surprised One:12 Collective fans this week with their SDCC 2020 Booth in a Box. Mezco wanted to bring the love of the summer convention right to fans' homes this year. The box is filled with plenty of goodies with 5-Points Agent Gomez, Pink Skulls Choas Club t-shirt, All Access Con Badge with lanyard, sticker, a pin, and even an iron-on patch. However, the hot ticket item of the box is the One: 12 Collective Clan of The Golden Dragon Gomez. This is not the first ninja Gomez fans have seen with a white and black version exclusive to Asian markets. This one is golden and packed with a massive arsenal and a Grub sidekick. This series of figures has only gained more popularity over recent months and the sone is a great addition to the collection.

Fans were crossing their fingers for an SDCC Gomez this year and Mezco Toyz delivered. The swag box is a nice bundle and while it does offer a higher price it has plenty to offer. The Mezco Con Booth-In-A-Box: Summer Edition is priced at $170.00. Pre-orders sold out instantly but fans can join the waitlist here. This is one figure fans of the One:12 series will not want to miss out on and collectors can check hi out below in action.

A Roach on a Mission With Mezco Toyz

"Gomez – The Clan of The Golden Dragon Edition: Somewhere in a mystical land ruled by feudal law, Shinobi tribes clash over territory and honor. When the 'Clan of The Golden Dragons' are attacked and slaughtered by the nefarious 'House of The Golden Skulls', all are left for dead. One warrior, his faithful Boom Box, and a baby, survive to avenge his fallen brothers. Gomez rises with a sole purpose – revenge."

"The highflying warrior wears a shinobi shozoku with forearm guards, a waist belt, shin guards, and tabi boots. The Golden Dragon's greatest champion is equipped with a ninja-smoke plume FX that masks his next move, making Gomez the master of stealth. Small but mighty, Grub shows no mercy. The toddler clone of Gomez wears a matching outfit & comes with a sword of his own that he can hold."

"As always, Gomez is well-equipped to take on whatever may come his way. He comes complete with a kusarigama connected with a real metal chain, multiple shuriken, a katana with sheath, a grappling hook, two tanto swords, and much more. Gomez's boom box sidekick, Boom Boom, is always close by his side and ready for action. What adventures lie ahead? You decide."

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