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Yo Lugnuts! Mezco Toyz Brings Rumble Society’s Slugfest to Life
So this is a very interesting release from Mezco Toyz as they kick off Rumble Con 2023 A new Rumble Society One:12 Collective figure has arrived as the man, the myth, and the legend; Slugfest has arrived That is right, lugnuts, the man behind Mezco's Emporium of Badassery, is coming to life with a brand[...]
Mezco Toyz Debuts New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 5 Points Set 
Turtle Power has arrived from Mezco Toyz, and the turtles return to their classic Mirage Studios appearances These ninjas are lean and mean and ready to kick some butt with Mezco's 5 Points line Coming in at 3.75" tall, these heroes in a half-shell leap right of fetch comics of the classic Eastman & Laird's[...]
Mezco Toyz Needs Indiana Jones to Stop the Power of One:12 Major Toht
Get ready to return to Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark as Mezco Toyz is back with another One:12 Collective release Fans have already seen a standard Indiana Jones One:12 Collective figure, but every hero needs a villain Also coming from Raiders, the infamous Major Toht is back and on the hunt[...]
Mezco Slashes with New Living Dead Doll Ghost Face Zombie Edition
Get ready to Scream as Mezco Toyz is back with another impressive Living Dead Dolls release Mezco Toyz is unearthing some slasher horror once again as Ghost Face is back with a new dead doll The Ghost Face Zombie Edition comes in at 10" tall, features 5 points of articulation, and comes with his signature[...]
Mezco Toyz Unveils New Living Dead Doll Dancing Wednesday Doll 
Mezco Toyz is returning to Nevermore Academy as they bring the world of the hit Netflix series Wednesday to life Wednesday Addams is now joining the Living Dead Dolls line with a brand new release This doll comes right off the screen as the fans get to dress up for the Nevermore Academy Rave'N Dance[...]
Mezco Toyz Brings Modern Horror to Life with Terrifier: Art the Clown
Get ready as some new horror is coming home as Mezco Toyz unveils their newest Mezco Designer Series doll A new Mega Scale killer is on the way as the modern slasher film, Terrifier, is getting a brand new collection The Art the Clown doll comes in at 15" tall and will feature 11 points[...]
San Diego Comic Con 2023 - Mezco Toyz Does Not Hold Back 
Mezco Toyz is back at San Diego Comic Con and we entered their booth as we hit convention floor Mezco was sure not to hold back this year and really unleashed their netter catalog for the convention A lot of upcoming releases made their way into these cases, with some standing out more than others[...]
Slice and Dice with Mezco Toyz New One:12 X-Men Suit Wolverine 
Mezco Toyz has kicked off their Mezco Con 2023 event with plenty of new exclusives arriving for the One:12 Collective line Collectors have already seen Space Cadet Gomez, Power Rangers Green Ranger, Indiana Jones, and now a new Wolverine is here Marvel Comics fans will be pleased to see Wolverine suit up with a new[...]
Mezco Toys Brings Indiana Jones to Their One:12 Collective Line
The One:12 Indiana Jones: Temple Edition will be a Mezco Toyz Exclusive and will be priced at $130 Pre-orders are already live right here with a June 2024 (or later) release date! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: Mezco Toyz Credit:[...]
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Green Ranger Arrives at Mezco Toyz 
Mezco Toyz is preparing for San Diego Comic Con, and that means plenty of exclusive releases are on the way It was only last week where Rumble Society fans were greeted by the incredible Void Cadet Gomez (seen here) However, it looks like Gomez is not the only one getting a Mezco Exclusive for MezcoCon,[...]
The Greatest One:12 Figure Arrives from Mezco with Void Cadet Gomez 
Mezco Toyz has really outdone themselves this year as they kick off Summer Mezco Con 2023 event This is essentially SDCC with just Mezco as they deliver new reveals, giveaways, contests, and of course, new exclusives They kicked off Mezco Con with a bang as they announced their incredible One:12 Collective Void Cadet Gomez and[...]
G.I. Joe’s Firefly Gets Ready for a BBQ with Mezco Toyz One:12
Releasing from Mezco Toyz, their latest set of One: 12 Collective figures have started to grow A brand new GI Joe figure has been unveiled as Cobra Commander's demolitions expert, and the saboteur has arrived with Firefly It's time to bring some Joe's to the barbecue with his brand new release that is packed with[...]
Witness the Resurrection of Superman with Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective 
Superman has been resurrected as Mezco Toyz debuts their latest One:12 Collective DC Comics figure After the destruction of Doomsday, Kal-El secretly recovered at his Fortress of Solitude in the Kryptonian Regeneration Matrix During his time away, the Rise of the Supermen began, but in the end, Superman returned and donned his slick black and[...]
Take Flight with One:12 Iron Man Centurion Armor from Mezco Toyz
Take a trip back to the 80s with Marvel Comics and Mezco Toyz with their newest One:12 Collective figure Iron Man is taking flight in his signature Centurion Armor right from the pages of Marvel Tony Stark is fully detailed in a is iconic red and silver Iron Man armor that features real metal components[...]
New S.H.MonsterArts Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah Figure Unveiled 
Mezco Toyz has dug up some true horror today as they unveil their newest The Living Dead Dolls release The Eggzorcist is back, and this time, she is fully upgraded with articulation, design, and accessories Unlike some of the other Living Dead Dolls, the Eggzorcist has 18 points of articulation, stands 10" tall, and is[...]
The Shadow Arrives at Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Figure Line 
Mezco Toyz is back once again with another blast from the past as a new One:12 Collective figure has arrived The legendary pulp fiction hero The Shadow is back and ready for new weekly adventures in your collection The Shadow takes collectors all the way back to July 31, 1930, as he first made his[...]
Pennywise Returns from Stephen Kings’s 1990’s IT with Mezco Toyz 
Mezco Toyz is back with one of their most terrifying Living Dead Dolls to date, as Pennywise has returned to Derry This new doll comes to life once again from the legendary 1990 version of Stephen King's IT featuring the evil entity to has taken up the form of a clown Pennywise comes in at[...]
Child’s Play Bride of Chucky: Talking Tiffany Returns to Mezco Toyz 
Mezco Toyz is back with the return of their popular Child's Play Mezco Designer Series Mega Scale Talking dolls That is right, the horror of Chucky comes to life once again as Tiffany is back Bride of Chucky fans will be pleased to know that Mezco's popular 15" tall doll is back once again and[...]
Mezco Toyz Unleashes the Fury of Cobra's Elite Assassin Storm Shadow 
Joe One:12 Collective figure has arrived from Mezco Toyz, has the ranks of Cobra continue to rise Storm Shadow has entered the fight marking him the fourth G.I Joe release to arrive from Mezco Toyz Cobra Commander's assassin and bodyguard are nicely sculpted with fabric outfit and his own personal armory Two head sculpts included[...]
Don’t Answer the Phone for Mezco Toyz New MDS Ghost Face Doll 
Mezco Toyz is ready to make collectors Scream as they unveil their latest Mezco Designs Series MEGA Scale figure Just in time for his newest film Scream 6, Ghost Face, is back and ready to slay the day once again This figure comes in at 15" tall and will have a total of 11 points[...]
Ghost Spider aka Spider-Gwen Swings On In From Mezco Toyz
After years of waiting, Spider-Gwen has finally arrived from Mezco Toyz of their One:12 Collective line Spider-Gwen was introduced to Marvel Comics and Spider-Man fans back in 2014 in Edge of Spider-Verse #2 This story showcases a twisted spider tale as Gwen Stacy fell victim to the spider's bit and Peter Parker died after an[...]
New Dick Tracy Adventures Await Mezco Toyz with One:12 Pruneface
It was not long ago that Mezco Toyz revealed the return of a classic comic strip character for their One:12 Collective line Dick Tracy is here to solve crimes once again, and of course, in his slick yellow suit However, there can not be a hero without a villain, as the dastardly Pruneface is up[...]
Mezco Toyz Reveals 5 Points Scooby-Doo Friends & Foes Figure Set
gang are back at Mezco Toyz as they join their 5 Points line The Scooby-Doo Friends & Foes Deluxe Boxed Set is packed with goodies starting with a Haunted Mansion playset and the Mystery Machine On top of all that, the whole gang is included, along with plenty of villains from the hit cartoon with[...]
Mezco Toys Introduces the Kaiju Collective with Black & White Godzilla 
The King of the Monsters is back as Mezco Toyz unveils a brand new One:12 line titled the Kaiju Collective Godzilla fans are taken all the way back to 1954 with this black and white beauty Coming in at 8" tall and 12" long, Godzilla is ready to destroy Tokyo once again with a new[...]
Mezco Reveals Rumble Society Hoodlumz: King of the Block Exclusive 
Mezco Toyz kicks off its latest MezCon event with a brand new and exclusive One:12 Collective figure Vapor is back with his third release with the Hoodlumz: King of the Block figure Fans are taken back to the year 1912 as One12 Kid is back with Jackie Vaporoni This rough and tough figure is packing[...]
Josie and the Pussycats Rock Out with Mezco Toyz New 5 Points Release
Mezco Toyz has announced that Josie and the Pussycats are taking to the stage once again! Coming to life right out of the world of Archie Comics the Pussycats have arrived at Mezco 5 Points collectibles line Each figure features 5 points of articulation, retro inspired detail, and this set is jam-packed with goodies Collectors[...]
Mezco Toys Awakens the Lord of Tears: The Owlman with One:12 Figure
Low budget horror comes to life as Mezco Toyz revisits the 2013 Scottish horror film Lord of Tears This film features a new horrifying nightmare known as the Owlman from Scottish mythology, and now he has returned Releasing as part of Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective line, the Owlman is back and ready to collect more[...]
Mezco Toyz Debuts Rumble Society Doc Nocturnal Static-6 Statue 
Doc Nocturnal has returned to Mezco Toyz as the popular Rumble Society hunter of horror is getting his own statue Releasing as part of Mezco's Static-6 line, the Doc comes in at a whopping 15" tall and will weigh 7 lbs The statue shows an upgraded version of the Rumble Society Doc Nocturnal with tactical[...]
Mezco Toyz Debuts Rumble Society Death Adder for One:12 Day 
Mezco Toyz One:12 Day has finally arrived, and to celebrate, a brand new One:12 Collective figure has been revealed At long last, another member of the Hazard Squad has arrived with the Rumble Society Death Adder Death Adder was part of a Mezco Toyz fan vote over a year ago, having the collector pick the[...]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles One:12 Set Revealed by Mezco Toyz
Cowabunga Dudes! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back as Mezco Toyz finally debuts their version of the turtles Coming out of the One:12 Collective line, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo are back in one righteous boxed set These turtles do not really follow any specific version of them through TV, comics, and movies but[...]