Hasbro Gives Ghost Rider HasLab One Final Push with Daimon Hellstrom 

The final days of the Marvel Legends Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance HasLab are near. The latest crouch funding campaign is set to end on Halloween, and Hasbro is giving the Hellcharger one last push. The final Marvel Legends Tier unlock figure has been revealed as another Hellspawn arrives with Daimon Hellstrom. Bringing his design right from the depths of hell and Marvel Comics, this Legend figure comes with swappable hands and his trusty trident. However, I do not think Daimon's hellish power will be able to save Ghost Rider's HasLab. 

The Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance has roughly 3 days left (from writing this article) and only 4,800+ backers. The HasLab has lost plenty of backers over the past couple of weeks, and I can imagine it is because of its price. We all know prices have increased around Marvel Legends figures but asking $349.99 for this is pretty crazy. I bet that if it had a $200-250 backing, then this bad boy would have hit its goal and then some. At this rate, I doubt the Ghost Rider HasLab will get backed, and even it if did, Daimon Hellstrom is unlocked at 11,000 backers, which is still 2,000 over the goal. This was campaign I was excited about, and I think they dropped the ball on it. Maybe we will see Robbie Reyes as a solo release later on down the line, and fans can check out the HasLab right here. 

Can Daimon Hellstrom Save the Ghost Rider HasLab?

"Daimon Hellstrom has finally risen from the demon realm he reigns over to join the Marvel Legends line. 6-inch scale Daimon Hellstrom figure features comics-inspired design, including the Darksoul insignia on his chest. Figure also comes with two alternate hands and his otherworldly trident accessory inspired by the comics. A character torn between fighting against Hell and defending it, we are excited to have found an offering where this dark character truly belongs. The Daimon Hellstrom figure will be unlocked for all backers when the campaign reaches 11,000 backers."

"The only thing more iconic than a Ghost Rider is their signature vehicle. For Robbie Reyes, it's a black muscle car possessed by the spirit of Elias Morrow that transforms from sleek antique to Hellfire-powered Engine of Vengeance. The Marvel Legends 6-inch scale Engine of Vengeance comes with 18 total pieces for converting the car between two modes — Street Mode and Hellfire Mode. Inspired by Robbie Reyes's car that can burst into flames of Hellfire, the vehicle comes equipped with 20 LEDs and 7 accessories designed to make the car appear to be crackling with the flames of vengeance."

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