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Marvel Legends Ghost Rider Engine Of Vengeance HasLab Is Live
Marvel Legends fans and collectors have been teased for weeks, and this morning we finally got the reveal of the latest Legends HasLab project, the Ghost Rider Engine of Vengeance This is a to scale to six inch Marvel Legends vehicle is the one driven by the Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider, who also comes with[...]
Hasbro Celebrating 50 Years of Ghost Rider with HasLab Teaser
The Marvel Legends team knows exactly what they are doing, and it really shows from all of their exclusives, figures, and successful HasLab campaigns Speaking of HasLab campaigns, Hasbro ended their panel with a tease for the next HasLab, which is for Ghost Rider! Hasbro is celebrating 50 Years of Ghost Rider with some long-awaited[...]
Marvel Legends: Check Out The Unboxing Of The HasLab Galactus
the team has provided collectors with the very first unboxing of the HasLab Galactus figure This was a very successful crowdfunding campaign, as most Haslab projects besides Star Wars have been A little slow to get going, but with every new figure reveal, the numbers just kept going and going and going This is the[...]
Hasbro’s G.I. Joe HasLab H.I.S.S. Tank Fully Funded - Tier 4 Unlocked 
A brand new HasLab campaign kicked off only a couple of weeks giving G.I Joe fans a Classified Series 6" H.I.S.S Tank This is the first Classified Series crowdfunding campaign, and man they knocked it out of the park In just half a day, the H.I.S.S Tank was fully funded with 8,000 backers and has[...]
GI Joe HISS Tank HasLab Funded, Two New Tiers Revealed
GI Joe fans en masse responded with overwhelming praise for the launch of the HasLabk HISS Tank revealed on Wednesday The tank became the fastest HasLab launched to reach funding, as the 8,000 piece threshold was met with ease In fact, almost right before fans pushed it across the 10,000 first-tier unlock number, the side-mounted[...]
GI Joe Team Reveals HasLab HISS Tank, Now Available To Order
GI Joe collectors got the big wrap-up to Yo Joe June this morning, as the next HasLab Joe project was made live This one is in the six-inch Classified line and is a HISS Tank The HasLab project is live right now and taking orders until August 16th The cost? $299.99 The HISS Tank looks[...]
Bleeding Cool Top 10 Figures For 2021- Jeremy's Picks: Lots Of NECA
Excellent stuff. Credit Hasbro HasLab Sentinel I did not back this HasLab I picked this up after the fact, out of complete FOMO, and boy am I glad I did This thing is epic and a centerpiece of any Marvel fan's collection When Hasbro introduced this program, I was skeptical that they could really deliver bang for your[...]
Ghostbusters HasLabs Nears 90% with GI Joe and Star Wars Under 50%
After a very slow funding period, the first-ever Joe HasLab, the Skystriker, broke through in a big way and became successful in the last 24 hours, hitting the necessary funding goals and even blowing past those to hit two of the three stretch tiers as well All told, 16,797 of the 10,000 needed were sold,[...]
GI Joe HasLab Skystriker Gets A Cobra Facelift In Final Push To Fund
GI Joe fans were awoken today to a new message from Cobra: they have hijacked the HasLab Skystriker That's right, the final few days to fund the HasLab project are here, and Cobra Commander has added even more value to the project, with three new o-ring style figures of himself, Cobra Pilot, and a Cobra[...]
HasLab, Ultimates, Figure Preorders...When Will Collectors Cry Uncle?
Somewhere around when the third HasLab project in less than a week was announced last month, I started to think as a collector "Who can afford all of this?" We toy collectors put up with a lot in this hobby An aftermarket that brings out the worst in people Product shortages, late shipping, and soaring[...]
Hasbro Finally Reveals Star Wars: The Black Series Rancor HasLab
The time has come where we get our first look at the first Hasbro Star Wars: The Black Series HasLab campaign With the 40th anniversary of The Return of the Jedi coming in 2023, it only makes sense to unleash the power of the Rancor This massive figure will tower over your 6" scale figure[...]
Hasbro Announces HasLab Transformers Victory Saber Campaign
Galactic adventures come home as Hasbro announces their next Transformers HasLab campaign Coming out of the Japanese anime, Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory, Victory Saber comes the one and only Victory Saber Japan canon is finally coming to the Transformers line, and fans could not be happier as the ultimate defender of justice arrives[...]
Last Day to Back the Marvel Legends Galactus HasLab Campaign
Today is the final day that Marvel fans can order one of the massive Marvel Legends Galactus HasLab figures The 32" Fantastic Four villain is an impressive figure with swappable faceplates, LED lights, and over 70 points of articulation Originally set for 14,000 backers, the World Devouring God is almost a couple of hundred away[...]
Marvel Legends Fan First Friday: Galactus HasLab Revealed, Plus More
The main event was the confirmation and reveal after months of speculation that the next Marvel Legends HasLab project is indeed Galactus The world eater is scaled to six inch figures, and man is he big Highly detailed, he comes decked out in his armor, 32 inches tall and features over 70 points of articulation[...]
Hasbro Announces Star Wars: The Black Series HasLab Coming Soon
Hasbro has had some great success in the past with its HasLab campaign crowdfunding projects For those unaware, Hasbro's HasLab campaign lets collectors fun special toys straight from Hasbro that would not necessarily do well if they hit retailer shelves This could be because it is set for a certain target of collectors, and the[...]